Poems Again

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--Every Cut is Another Mistake--

Now I’ve sworn so many things in the name of God
And every word in vain is just another cut against this soul
One more slice against these pale wrists
Scarlet threads of life bleeding away
All lost, all given to the blade
Every mistake is just another cut
And honey my life is built from mistakes
Daggers are my element, and blood my confessions
Why can’t I divide pain of living from the pain of dying
It’s because they’re both the same
So cover the sun in veils of blood
And shatter the faith with your knives
Cut deep, cut true

--Grave Hymns--

Whistling requiem, singing grave hymns
Moving through a stone yard
Passing over headstones, the nightingale sings
Making nest in a willow tree
Whistling requiem, singing grave hymns
Singing songs for the caskets
Feeding from the grave worms
Sing nightingale, sing
Whistling requiem, singing grave hymns