Poems kind of old

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I see my mistake now I left one dream behind to chase
another only to find out that when I came back I had
lost one dream Honey you where the dream I wanted
I left to chase the dream of success, fame, fortune, and
money Thinking when I got it you'd still be there
but thats the problem I got it but your gone with your
new girl
I have a hole in my heart I'm human and I'll put on
a smile and act brave I won't wish for anything else
to be different I can't without losing it all
I happier know then I was then and yeah baby
I miss you so much but I've got to keep moving
and later it will all fall into place

Warning this next one is kind of old but I found
it yeasterday cleaning out my storage compartment
and decide to post it

I cut because I know you'll never belong
to me because I want to see the blood drops
made prefect bu a razor blade a knife a part of
me thats all you see
Yous see a freak someone who shouldn't be left
alone and you don't see the other side of me the
side of me that can't see to find a way out the girl
I use to be
I've changed a lot about me I've changed so
much I forgot who I was I've never needed anyone
like I need you and I wonder how you made me so
dependent I miss being alone not needing anyone
that was me before you

Morning after morning I would sit and watch as
the rain drove past you by Morning after morning always
past so fast the next never as good as the last
The past it seemed to fly as pictures pasted me
by and seconds ticked by
Honey I got so deep in love with you that in the
end it made no sense Morning after Morning
drinking my coco watching you look out the window
looking for something
The future seemed so grim and It didn't seem like we would
get far and honey we got so far and yet stood still
its a crime against words

I turned off all hope of every getting you
back I was teasing you when someone asked about
your new girl I pulled away like I had been burned
I couldn't flirt with you any more
One plus one equals two and that's so easy to see that
love plus looks equals true love and I see how you
could love this girl.
But did you have to go and date a friend of mine?
Did you know I was friends with he you wait till
I knew her so I couldn't hate he to date her.
I don't hate anyone but me I cried myself to
sleep one too many nights I wish I had been like
you but rebounds not the best If I had know it was my
last kiss I would have asked for more simple cause
I'm selfish