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Hi. I thought I’d try out this journal thing, although I’m not used to pouring my soul out to people. I’m 15 years old, and I live alone with my mom in Norway. I think I’ve known I was gay all along, but it’s just recently that I have come to terms with it. You see, my mom is lesbian, and I literally don’t know my father, who lives in the US. Many people would think that having a gay parent would make the situation easier, but I’ve actually found it more of a burden than a blessing.

My family has accepted that mom is gay, but they have always feared that I would turn gay because of my mom’s influence. She has been in lesbian relationships as long as I can recall. And now that I know I am gay, they will “blame


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Your moms gay? and your gay? THats Awesome! Wish my mom was gay, but shes not. Grrrr...


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Misplacing the focus...

Sounds to me like you and your mom need to work together and stop letting other people affect your lives.

Your family is ready to blame your mom, your friends are anti-gay... sounds to me like it's time to whittle down the people in your lives to those who will nurture and support you. There are enough people in the world to not surorund yourself with people who will bring you down.

At the end of the day, she's a lesbian, you're gay. No need to worry how other people will or won't accept reality.

Also, in that same spirit of acceptance, if your mom found someone that makes her happy, that should make you happy. 10 years seems like a lot at 15, which would mean your boyfriend could be 25 or... (well, we'll only count up ten, down ten is too creepy yet), but once you are older, say once you hit your late 20s, 10 years isn't so bad (although by late 20s, that is still counting up, I'm not supporting late 20s dating late teens).

And it is to get frustrated by people thinking there is "something wrong" with you for not dating, but this could just be your take on caring people in your life who want to see you happy and dating. They think you should be dating a girl, because they don't know you're gay yet. Can't blame them for that.