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A lot of stuff has happened lately. Firstly, my mom's girlfriend flew in on a surprise visit, and with her she brought her son, who's six. I freaked a bit, but managed to calm myself in due time. I guess I'm still not comfortable around her. But it worked out eventually.

I'm planning to come out to my mom and a couple of close friends soon. Don't know when it'll be, but I feel like doing it soon. I'm not really concerned about coming out to my mom, her being lesbian and all, I'm more anxious about how one of my friends will take it. He sometimes makes gay jokes and stuff; can't take any sorrows in advance, though,

I haven't told anyone yet, but I've been working on a novel for the past couple of years, with my best friend. (In norwegian, mind you.) I expect we will finish by the end of next month. It's a fantasy book (of course), so it's mostly for children. I'm looking forward to getting some reactions on it. But I think we will manage to publish it.

Other than that, I'm feeling increasingly lonely being gay and all. No one at my school are openly gay, and it's beginning to get to me. I wish I knew who were gay. It would make a lot of thing a lot easier. Oh well. Maybe there'll be some gay guys when at my new school, after i graduate. only this year left, and it's off somewhere new. i can't wait, honestly. That's all for now. Over and out.



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irrevelent? maybe...

Wow, you like tennis. I automatically love you for that!
Anyhow, after I came out at my old school, two other people came out. Keep in mind, you can't possibly be the only gay out of an entire school... unless you go to a very small school. Well... yeah keep writing.