"Pride gear"

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Outta curiosity.. because of what i wore and had fun wearing today (a rainbow belt, rainbow wrist/arm sock things and a rainbow coloured tiny-beaded necklace) On plain jeans and black tank top... I've heard people call it pride gear, and was wondering what sort of "pride gear" you guys wear (if any). I'm a big fan.. and i crave more.. ^_^ (even though i'm not out to family... i'm hoping to make them wonder first, see if they notice or confront me)
So do you guys wear any or has anyone considered this approach? details XD

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ahh, pride gear...always make

ahh, pride gear...always makes for interesting conversation at my work...
normally, i wear one of those embroidery floss bracelets, of which i know have dozens of rainbow ones. i also have a rainbow glass bead necklace that i'll sometimes wear. i seem to have collected a lot of rainbow garb in the last few years, so t-shirts, belts, patches...ohh, my shoelaces on my running shoes...
i also have a huge sticker on my bike that reads "butch in the streets, femme in the sheets"...just because it's funny.

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pride gear

i love pride gear! i love to flaunt who i am and be proud of my sexuality, it helps me to counter all the negative homophobic shit surrounding me. i also sort of came out threw pride gear..not only but partly. before i ever told my folks i was gay i started wearing rainbow shoeleaces and hung up a rainbow flag in my room. eventually it just became obvious to them and they started asking me if i had a girlfriend.
so good luck with your coming out process, however you decide to do it.
oh and hey, where did you get that sticker, butch in the streets femme inthe sheets? its from a tribe 8 song and i would really like one (have you heard the song? its awesome.)

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Gd ol' pride!

Woo! fun light hearted topic! I wear rainbow bracelet and rainbow shoe laces, i got my eye out for the flags too but no such luck! i'm not out to my mum and the funny thing is...she bought me my shoelaces...hehehehe if i see anything rainbow i feel i have to buy it =D
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Yeah, light hearted topics ar

Yeah, light hearted topics are my favourites. I am a big fan of pride gear. I crave rainbows. Lol, i have been wearing my rainbow stuff a lot recently, i barely go without it. My mum's suspicious to. And i get to hear her two cents when i come out to her.

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reply to:Pride Gear

i hadnt thought about it.i got a rainbow wrist band.thats about it,but i left it at my gramma's and now i dont kno exactly where its at...maybe behind her tv...dunno..

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how do you get an avatar?send a message to my inbox,plz.im new here,so im not sure how everything works.

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I have a pride ring and two p

I have a pride ring and two pride arm bands.

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I have a rainbow sweatband an

I have a rainbow sweatband and a rainbow silicon band with Pride on it.
I also have badges pinned onto my schoolbag which say: "The only gay in the village", "Let's get one thing straight- I'm not" and "It's a matter of pride". I think that's about it for pride gear.

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yeah for pride!

i love my rainbow belt. i also have some rainbow ribbon that is tied into a bow on my bookbag. i have shoelaces which i seemed to have missed placed and a huge rainbow flag in my room above my bed. i want to get some more rainbow stuff soo bad. once i get the money i think that im going to get some patches and a necklace. we just got our classring order forms today and i was hoping that they would have something even remotly close to gay pride. but they didn't. wahh. any ways. i serious want to get some more stuff.

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Same here :)

I wanna get more pride stuff. specifically a necklace with ceramic beads of every color with the letters "P-R-I-D-E" dangling in between the beads. And a t-shirt :)
then i can wear it all when i walk in the next pride parade. Except that isn't for another little while.

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YAY for rainbow belts, I own

YAY for rainbow belts, I own tons of more stuff but since everyone seems to have a rainbow belt I must concur that they are cool. Other items include shirts, jewelry, buttons, etc...

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