Rain Rain Go away

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Not that its really raining much pretty much just
hung over. The day not me. I think that maybe it
is that way to match my mood. I am learning that
teachers like to cancel class and not let anyone
know and that just piss's me off if I had known I would
have brought some money to get something to eat
since I am so hungry and I have no money to eat.
This is why I am that way I am half the time because
I rarely eat at all and I know that its why I get mad
so fast I guess all in all I needed some time to just
do nothing and just be here because I am driving
myself batty trying to run around and just be
keeping up with everything.
So Music class was cancelled and I am reading a
book and being on the computer its one of those
online books and I think this is just great this means
I can read online and be doing what I want to do.