She Didn't Have a Secret

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She Didn’t Have a Secret

Consider this my thank you for the time
you picked me flowers and the time
you slammed the door. There are
three missing weeks in the
journal, three empty spaces
in the log.

That time was yours and no one else’s.
I didn’t say a word. The problem
with distance is that it creates
more distance. You and I
both know that mistakes
were made.

We’re all going to burn. Consider this my
apology for the time I pulled your
hair. You told me it could
never be too late and
you lied. Call me

You tell me that I’m special and what
that means is that you feel special
when you’re with me. That place
in my heart is still
reserved for you.
Your photograph

is still taped in the corner of my
mirror. You smile down at me as
I smile at myself. That question
hangs unsaid in the air
and we both
know it.

Only one of us can be genuine.

Which one is it today?


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wow thats a cool poem, sort o

wow thats a cool poem, sort of enchanting. i hope the person its written for reads it.

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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That was gorgeous. I like how it draws you in from the beginning.

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beautifully written poem.
the six-line stanzas work brilliantly.
this really made me feel...something...very strongly.
and though it might be true that "We're all going to burn," it's stuff like this that remains after everything else has come and gone.

thanks for posting this :)