short poem thing... and story to a good friend

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She walked into the room
like it was no big deal
She would have walked a little slower
if she knew how I feel.

E: goodness im not good at those
E: hmmm
E: once upon a time..
E: a princess was walking down theroad by her castle
E: where she saw a foreign path leading into the woods
E: now she had never noticed this path before
E: so curiosity began to set it
E: she looked around to make sure no one was watching and ran to the mouth of the path
E: she entered with excitement as she began her exploration
E: as she strolled, she saw beautiful flowers
E: the birds were chirping, and everything seem so much more pleasant than the woods she used to go in
E: she hearda trickling and uponfollowing the noise, she came to a stream
E: therewas a large rock by the stream and she figure this would be a nice place to rest her feet
E: as she sat on the rock she decided to take off her glass slippers
E: because they were cutting into her feet a little
E: she found the rock so entirely comfortable and warmed from the sun that she decided to shut her eyes and take a nap
E: later she was awakened by a frog that landed smack on herface
E: she screamed and it fell to the ground
E: she looked around and realized that it was late and getting very dark
E: however she didnt remember in which direction she had come from
E: she hiked up her dress and scrounged for her shoes
E: but she couldnt findthem anywhere
E: she decided to go ahead barefoot, walking a significant pace towards what she assumed was home
E: soon it was almost black outside and shewas terribly frightened
E: however she carried on, withfaith thatshe would be safe at home soon
E: thenn she saw a faint lightin thedistance
E: HOME! she yelled and ran frantically towards the light
E: she stumbled over afew roots
E: terring her dress in a few places.. but she kept running
E: she then came upon a large opening in the forest and discovered she was not running toward home but this was on old cabin
E: she wished to go inside and ask for help.. but she knew that a princess carried a high ransom... and it could prove to be dangerous
E: instead she turnedaround and krept silently back into the direction from which she had come
E: all of the sudden she heard a rustle ina nearby bush
E: she darted her eyes around peering through the darkness, but saw nothing
E: another noise came from behind her his time
E: it was the crcking of a few twigs
E: whenshe turned to face her enemy
E: she discovered it was an oldlady
E: she askedthe lady why she was there
E: and the lady replied that she had to get some firewood for her house
E: which was the cabin the princess had seen
E: the princess was very releaved when the old woman invited herinside to stay the night.. and explained that she wouldgive her ahorse and directions to her castle in the morning
E: the princess decided it would be more prudent to sleep now, and the old lady offered her bed to the royal teenager
E: the princess refused politely and made herself a mat out of straw to sleep infor the night
E: shefell soundly asleep
E: the old lady then took her butcher knife and killed her.. the end
E: this aint no disney for ya
haha jk yall


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Wow! That was riveting... :| Lol, jk.

"Man it takes a silly girl
to lie about the dreams she has.
But lord, it takes a lonely one to wish
that she had never dreamt at all."

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LOL well.. you know, it is what it is

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