Signing Off.....

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This is me, i havent been on in quite a while.
i have moved, and i dont even remember when my last post was.
my life i have gotten together.
but i do regret to say that this for now will be my last entry.
i have been with this site for over a year.
i am going to keep the link and try to keep up with some of the writers that i admire,
new ones always coming on too.
this site has been such a help im not sure i could explain.
im sure there are many newcomers since i was last on anyway, who do not know of me.
but i do have friends here.
this site has been in a way, a haven more often than not.
it has been a strength and a shoulder to cry on, which to me even sounds odd.
im not sure ill be missed, but i thought i should formally say goodbye as best i can.
i still talk to some outside the site.
but it seems even as i have gotten on with my life, so have they.
i hope we all do.
get on with life that is.
anyone is welcome to read my journals,
there isnt even that many entrys, only about four pages, ive been here a year and some time, and
there arent as many entries as i thought thered be.
i love being my lesbian self, ive been happy with who i am
glad to have accepted it.
im almost nineteen, and i think i am finally ready to have a life... of my own.
so i would be glad if there is anyone who wants to keep in touch, my email is my yahoo id, is moonpoetrynymph for messenger that is.
i wish everyone the best of luck in life.
in all your endeavors i hope you succeed, and in all your mistakes i hope you learn something valuable.
i have learned through experience, " It is better to learn and to forget, than remember and regret..."

signing off poetry nymph
aka Tiffanie