signs.. or not?

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Can you assume someones sexuality by what music they listen to? I know this girl who listens to Tegan and Sara and Ani Defranco.. It's stereotypical lesbian music isn't it? I myself don't listen to that music.. but I have noticed after I learnt more about my sexuality, I was interested in more things that had a gay topic.. movies, music, tv etc. Or what about what sort of shows people watch? My friend watches The L Word and Queer As Folk.. but I guess that doesn't really have to mean something right.. because I watch a whole lot of different shows too that don't relate to my life at all. Hmm. Yeah I really don't know..


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i myself listen to tegan and

i myself listen to tegan and sara and i watch the l word, but i also got a mix of friends who listen to tegan and sara(so i wouldn't assume that this girl isn't straight). but ya, once i knew that i wasn't straight, i started to get more interested in stuff that had a gay topic as well. thats when i started to watch the lword, and listen to tegan and sara, but i didnt even know that they were lesbians until later... ya i'm kinda slow haha.

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