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Well my car needs work and its going to cost 238.80
which I have no clue where I am going to get this
money my check this week was only 70.68 which means
that the rest is going to have to come from some where
I don't know where I don't have this kind of money.
Its not like I have money to do whatever I want
when I want. Yet I am going to get what I want from this
hopeful I lower price. I am not so sure that I can do
it but hey I will try. I am just trying to make it
throught to the end of this month then I may have
some relief. I hope so before I just lose my mind.
I helped my "almost sister" finish setting up her
sons baby room. She can't do anything and she
was directing me where to puit everything. The
doctor has know put her on bed rest
Yesterday afternoon after we finished lunch she
had a doctors appointment well he wants to put her
on bed rest. So she is on bedrest. She isn't happy about
it but she went on bed rest. She is happy with the
room and the funtiure and thinks that this is going
to be a good room for her baby.