The Last years

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Well the last couple of days has been tons of fun
I have been sick since Monday and it looks like I maybe
sick another week. Someone said it is just a cold while everyone
has said what they think it is. The lady at my work
brought me some z pack. Let me tell you I am
not feeling any better.Then my car just got a pin
size hole in the raditor. Which means I have to cut
off my left arm in order to pay for this Gas already
cost my first born child and know you want my body parts
great how much more before this insantiy ends I am going crazy
Plus my boss refuses to move me out of the cooler
even thought I have a idea that that is what caused
me to get sick in the first place. Anyways I saw
My adopted Mom her name is Dee she is the best adopted
mom ever she is just taking care of me and
making sure I am feeling o.k. cause I have been
feeling really bad but today is the worst. Cause as
case example I am rarely sick but when I get sick
I do it right. So I am just waiting this out I can't
sing which means I am picking up extra hours at
the restartnet. This is why I have been so sick anyways
always working and never taking any time for myself
except when I go to the club sometimes on a Friday but
it doesn't look like I am going to be able to go next
week because I have to pay to have my car fixed
THIS is my third bad thing to happen to me in a week
hopeful something good will happen soon because I
am getting really tired of all the bad.
I got a linese plate for my car the other day
one for the fount it is black and had a fairy sitting
down with a green dress and blond-brown hair and it says
Tinker which is my nickname. [Short for Tinkerbell]
I got a rub on "Tinker" for my passangers window
I am going to put it on once I get my car fixed
Yesterday we had the baby shower for my "almost sister"
she was so happy she cried and she was just glad
for everything we got her. It got her out of the
house for a little bit so we could paint the baby
room. Its a boy and we decide to do dragons and dinosaurs
so Danny, Josh and Erik went over and painted, wallpapered
and put the room together. We got her a rocking
chair that is deep blue and a changing table that
matches the dark wood bed and dresser.
Well my adoptee sister just got here she is very pregant and
very moody and wants to go out to this new Mexican
place and eat so we are going to go eat