The Other Girl

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I wish that my OASISMAG piece was happy or good but something had happen that has left me to numb to do anything else. I know I would edit this but I need to write it now before I shock complete subsided and the grief of losing a friend will come in to replace it. I need to write before I lose it completely. Before I can admit what has happen before someone has ask. I promise something better then this soon I am not one for rants (can’t even call it a poem) but right now all I can do is this. I dedicate this to Lisa my friend form another horse camp we had so much fun and for once we actually kept the promise to stay in contact… I miss you very much.

The Other Girl

Do you see the girl on the street
The one with pretty face and unhurt heart
…This is not for them…

The girl who always gets the guy
Has a happy ending to a nothing problem
…This is not for them…

I do not give this to the perfect girl
But for the one who people seem to overlook
Who they bump into and say nothing as they run by
…This is for the other girl…

For the girl who is always the friend
And never anymore then that
…This is for them…

I give this to the girl who can keep a façade of a smile in a crowd
Yet alone cries and hurt herself for some kind of relief
…This is for them…

I give this to the girl who are truly beautiful
Yet had no one to tell her this
…This is for them…

I give this to the girl who now lies in a small, clean grave
Who thought that no one would miss if they decided that it was their time
To forever sleep under the stone angel cold emotionless face
…This is for them…

I give this to the one who are loved
Yet never seem to see it
…This is for them…

I give this for the one who we miss
The one who we would give anything to have back
…This is for her…


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hey now

i am not a poetic figure, not much into it, so i dont comment on it much, but i loved the way you put everyone into your situation of missing on person. yeah i just liked it alot, you are a very creative writer. so keep posting.