Them kids are getting old.

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The kids I usually help with their problems since they were in kindergarten, are now going into 7th grade and all I could say when I saw them off before, "Wow you guys are getting old!" funny thing was they said I was getting old myself. I mean I am 16, and searching for a college while they are looking for a high school. It is kind of depressing, knowing that they have problems these days that I can't help them with because I never dated anyone in my life and a few of them are dating now. Also they are starting to question some of the things I say, so yeah that is weird; they never questioned me till now. I mean that isn't just it little girls ask me about getting a boy friend and I honestly don't know I mean I like girls, some how can I help them there. They maybe growing up; but they certainly oblivious to the fact that "Ate Cat" (Ate is pronounced Ah-Teh; it is a filipino term of honor used for a big sister) is a bi-sexual. Also I am out to a lot of my friends and a few of them are siblings of those kids; I am surprised they never found out. But well I think one knows because well, she is certainly asking me about my working at a GSA a lot. But well I guess, I am at the point in which both those kids and I are certainly mature enough to talk about some issues, I just hope the fact that I am bi-sexual won't come up for a few more months because I still have to teach them a little bit more on tolerance.