Warped Tour Atlanta 2005!

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Yeah so i just got back from the warped tour 2005 in Atlanta!
It was really freakign awesome. Some of the more well known bands
playing were, My Chemical Romance, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Hawthorne
Heights, Story of the Year, Jupiter Sunrise, MXPX, Dropkick Murphies,
Thrice, Emery, Hopesfall, Senses Fail, Fall out Boy, The Offspring.

Honestly i pretty much went just for My Chemical Romance, MCR is just so
awesome and they were amazing to see live. I cant say they sounded just
like the album, Gerard was kinda sounding like the heat was getting to him.
It was really hot x_x

One of the really good small bands i found was The Recieving End of Sirens,
and they were -AMAZING- even better than any other band on any stage in
the entire concert. Me and my friend Robin just started going crazy it
was so good and they were thrown way back into the ernie ball stage so
not alot of people saw them.

We ended up having to leave the concert a little bit earlier this year
because Robin and Phillip had drank to much and had some bad jane if you
know what i mean <.< So we headed out after dropkick murphies, and it
took -forever- for my car to get home because we got lost and went the
wrong direction which finally lead to us turning around in Six Flags
parking lot lol. Then we ran out of gas and had to push our little car
for half a mile to a gas station :P

All in all it was a great night, and if anyone on here happened to be
at the Atlanta tour then i know you had a good time ;)


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Warped Tour 2005- Pompano Bch. Florida!

I can't wait until I go on Saturday.........It is gonna be SO awesome......I seriously can't wait....I went last year and it kicked ass, so I'm hoping for the same thing this year!!!

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i want to go to that so bad.

i want to go to that so bad. there is one in Charolette, NC. but i don't have a ride. which sucks! my girlfriend isn't allowed to got to concerts. which is so fucking stupid. i wouldn't go without her. i still want to go though.

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Yeah I went to the on in Cinc

Yeah I went to the on in Cincinnati and it was awesome as hell.. My favorite though is The Academy Is.. I went to another one of their concert outside of Warped Tour just last week they are awesome.