What did the man say to the boy?

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My summer has pretty much come and gone without incident... nothing hugely good or bad has happened. The show I was in closed this past Sunday and, for being a brand-new play that no one's heard of by a little-known playwright (and a highschool student), it was a great success. The audience liked it, even if they did get a little uncomfortable in their seats at times.

What did we talk about in the show? drugs, teen pregnancy, abortions, cheating, lies, young love, sexuality, sex, dysfunctional families, drinking, truth, pain, hurt, joy, happiness, slavery, double standards, race, death, violence...

You know, all the good stuff.
It was a really down-to-earth show, and very real, thanks to the fact that a teenager wrote about what he knows best-- teenagers. And the #1 rule in playwrighting is to "write what you know". It was funny because even though he claimed not to have based his characters on people he knows, I found the one he based off of me:

Mari: A 15-year-old girl who is different from anyone else around her. She is also uncomfortable in her skin and contemplates her sexuality. She simply wants to, somehow, make her mark on this world and not be forgotten.

There are some differences (I'm 16, not 15 and I know I'm gay) but it's loosely based. It feels kinda weird to have something that relates so closely to yourself though.

As far as my love life goes, it's been pretty... stagnant and collecting flies. My last relationship lasted for about a month and a week, with a girl who was cool for about two weeks of that. Then her "friends" started making her do stupid and destructive things (drinking a bottle of cough medicine and trying to pass out... at school, doing drugs just to look cute, etc) and I slowly started to get sick of her. About a month into our relationship she attemtped suicide and got sent to the hospital under suicide watch for a week. After she got out, we tried to make it work, but I broke up with her because I didn't want to deal with her problems (as selfish as that sounds, I don't care really). We don't talk anymore, and I say good riddance.

School starts up in a few weeks but before that I have my AP History class. I still have two more chapters to read which... is boring as ever but if I wanna give myself any kind of a chance at excelling this year I have to resist being a lazy-ass.

Last note: The book Son of a Witch is coming out this September! Ahhh I'm so excited!! Those who have read Wicked might understand my excitement.




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i love your name... "Im Na

i love your name...

"Im Namen der Menschlichkeit. Lieber blieben wir arm den blutbefleckt." - Friedrich Durrenmatt, Der Besuch Der Alten Dame

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**