What exactly is too far?

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Okay. I have lost 4lbs so I weigh 116 and I'm 5'7, and I want to keep losing weight. My friends say I'm taking it too far, but how am I taking it too far if I'm doing it safely? I exercise and eat healthy foods, just not a lot of them. I don't get why I'm taking it too far if I feel comfortable with it...I would like to weigh 105 or less...

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According to the Body Mass Index calculator, one specifically for teens rather than adults, since your body is still changing, you are currently at a healthy weight for someone your size. That is based on science about fat percentage and what your body needs to maintain its systems.

The BMI calculator says the healthy weight for your age and size is between 107 and 157.

However, if you put your stats in the adult version of the BMI calculator, you are considered underweight. Which means, as you get older yet (over 20), you will need to gain more weight, so it's probably good to make sure you are working to accept that, and not become a candidate for eating disorders and such somewhere down the line.

I mean, not fixating on the 107 part of the range, you could still GAIN 46 pounds and be considered at a healthy weight for your size, so you are definitely down at the low end of the spectrum.

And, it isn't whether you get to your weight eating healthy foods, but why you want to achieve a weight that, at 105, will be under what your body needs to maintain its health.

By the same logic, if someone ate enough salad and healthy foods, but weighed 350 pounds, would that be healthy? I mean, they would be doing it safely too.

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What about me?

I've lost 13 pounds in three weeks. I don't try. I don't eat enough because I get stressed out over my family. I know I have a problem and I am working on it but the more I seem to try, the worse it gets. I'm in a healthy weight range for my height, but I don't know if that will be true for long because I mean things aren't looking good. Is there anything I should do? (I'm also a vegetarian and very stubborn).

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Are you kidding?

that's waaaaay too far already being 5'7" and 120 was great you had no need to lose any weight if you hit 105 at that height would be monstrous your body needs to grow and develop depriving your body of food so that you may lose a few unnecessary pounds is just dumb in my opinion be happy with what you got cause I know that a lot of girls(including me) would kill to weigh that little.

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No no no..Dont go down that p

No no no..Dont go down that path..I kept loosing and loosing and loosing weight. It was crazy. I lost so much weight you could see my ribs. I am 5 foot and weighed about 88 pounds, I was sooo sick and I never had any energy. I ate healty foods, just not alot of them. Not enough to even keep me alive. If I wouldn't have got help I could be dead right now. I still have alot of trouble eating and I understand how you feel, you want to be skinny and perfect and pretty, but looking like a walking skeleton isn't very pretty so Please stop loosing weight. I know you wont though because when you start to become anorexic its really hard to stop, and I wouldn't even stop until I was forced to. I hope everything works out ok for you and you stop loosing weight.


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there is NO i repeat NO safe

there is NO i repeat NO safe way to make yourself underweight...you're already underweight by most medical standards...listen to your friends i bet they're worried about you...it doesn't matter if you're comfortable with it...i'm completely comfortable with cutting my body but that doesn't mean it's safe or healthy for my body

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im overweight compared to u lol

just dont end up a stick. A lil flab does u good

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As FlyflewAway said, a little

As FlyflewAway said, a little flab does good. Fat, even the littlest amount, can work miracles with your immune system.

And you have to understand that most everyone sees something wrong with their own body; that no matter how much weight they lose there's always another aspect they want to change. For some it's still their weight no matter how much they do weigh or how they lose weight. Accept yourself for who you are in mind and body. Eating healthy and working out is great, but moderation is the key.

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Well, here's a something. I a

Well, here's a something. I am 5 foot 6, and weigh 135 pounds. And I'm skinny. Please, don't worry about your weight. There's more to the way you look than your body, namely your happiness, your smile, your energy. Work on gaining those, not losing them. Good luck.

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I know this is and old post but...

5-7 and 105? Man thats too thin, No one likes a sitck
they like a people and 105 is a stick. Stop the diet.
You had said that you friend say its too far and
you say how is it so if you do it safely. What is
safe about being too skinny? Why would you want
to be that thin? That is no body fat and mussel
loss has started. YOur immune system starts to
break down, your stomach starts to digest itself
in order to nourish your body. Annoriexia is a
bad thing kid. Stop and truley look at your self
in a mirror! Are you pretty or ugly this thin.
If you say ugly then you are right. But ugly because
of being too thin not because of too much fat.
YOu need help if you keep dieting at this weight.
I suggest you seek it out before you get to
be like Karen Carpenter of the musical group of the
70's and 80's....dead.
you are loved.

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Hey the way it sounds your
not fat and your going to
take it to far and then get
underweight and thats not good...
i know you might be self consouse
but you need to stop me i weigh
142 and i am like 5'8 and i am not
fat...please stop if u ever want to chat just
tell me later

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I realize this has already been said... but please, please, please listen to your friends. Anorexia is not safe. Eating healthy food is great, but it ceases to be healthy when you are eating too little of it!

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Umm, I think ur takig it a little far...

If you are a girl and you're 5'7" and you weigh about 116, that is a perfectly normal and healthy weight. Taking it down to 105 or less would definitly be a big risk, bordering on the edge of anorexia. why do you want to lose weight so bad? It seems to me that you are a perfectly healthy weight right now...good luck.

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I happen to be 5'7 too, and I

I happen to be 5'7 too, and I way at 150, but i still wouldn't say I look excatly heavy. I mean I'm mostly muscle. If you have a lot of muscle and try to get down to the wieght, it could make you look way out of proportion, just so you know. There are healthy ways, and non-healthy ways to lose wieght, and by what you said you seem to be doing it healty enough, and if there's no possible way for you to be happy with what you wiegh, then by all means try to lose, just make sure you don't lose too much too fast and end up making yourself sick, or cause others to start worrying about you.

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Whooooooa, girl, I'm 5'4" and

Whooooooa, girl, I'm 5'4" and I weigh 112, and I'm not fat.

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don't get that skiny

i think your gone crazy.. you are way to skinny.. .. put a few pounds on.. the person that is dating u is going to be afraid of crushing you when they hold you.. put some meat on girl

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so, hey

Im only 5 feet and i weigh almost 100 pounds, like 97 or something.
if yur 5'7" i dont think that 105 should be an ideal weight...
i mean... 7" more than me and only 5 pounds? not healthy, yo.
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yea, thats just not healthy.

yea, thats just not healthy. i wish girls (and guys?) would get over the need to be sooo skinny. paris hilton is not attractive, im not even shure she classifies as human anymore (too little body and too much fake shit).
random semi relevent fact- someone had posted something about everyone wanting to be soo skinny and soo beautiful and i guess that comes from the whole super models cant have anything on their bodies at all, i mean, you have to be able to watch them digest a cracker through their body...i had a point...oh, so everyone takes that to be a beauty standard, but i read that really models are ideally so skinny because designers want the focus to be on their clothing, not the person, so escentially they view the person as a moving hanger...see, excessivly skinny really doesnt even fit into the assumed beauty standards...
too skinny is bad
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I am a good deal shorter

I am a good deal shorter than you and outweigh you. I am a little out of shape, but its a healthy thing for my body at this time. Its probably best if you increase your food intake a bit, that way your body can become well nourished, but this doesn't mean you have to gain twenty pounds. Bones are not attratcive or entirely healthy to see.