what happened to my guts?

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I had 2 job interviews recently, pretty good effort for me. Why do they always have to be girls interviewing, it's so intimidating.. But ah yeah I still gotta wait to find out if i got the job. Aw so many things to buy! But I won't get my hopes up.

So a few nights ago I went out for a friend's bday, ends up the girl um "Kate" was there. She went to my school and she's a fully out lesbian who's is mates with my friend. No nothing like that, we didn't hook up, in fact I didn't even talk to her. I just wanted to be-friend her but I thought it might have been a bit weird if I just started talking to her as I don't really know her. Yeah so that sucks, I want a queer friend :( Maybe after a few more drinks I would've.. oh well that's over so I probably will never see her again.

Timmy and I got on the subject of gay people. He was like "what would you do if you found out your friend was on here?" (It was a women seeking women page) I go "Oh I'd probably just go and ask them about it. What would you do?" He's like "Oh.. I dunno, it wouldn't be weird or anything.. I'd just yeah I dunno."
Yeah perfect time for me to just tell him straight out.. but I didn't..
He's not homophobic or anything, I think he just doesn't know much about it. He uses the word dyke sometimes.. but not in a hateful way. Is that still offensive tho? He told me about this guy at our school who came out at the end of the year. He was pretty cute too haha. But it made me feel happy and proud for the guy, he's got guts.