what u want

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i know sometimes its confusing
the way we feel these days
but there is no limit of ure beauty
so i wont count the ways

ure scared about the falling
about getting in to deep
thinking it will never happen
knowing that we will never meet

every time i talk to you
my smile spreads out so wide
you say u cant beleive my feelings
but to u i have never lied

ive wanted something like this
a person i could know
someone who would hold me
under a blanket near the snow

you say u hate to say goodbye
but say that we aught to soon
u say i need to find someone else
but i cant hear a diffrent tune

other than the one u sing
when u laugh out loud
everytime i think of it
i know im on a cloud

u want some space thats fine
i know when i need to go
but i just dont know why life wont quite
why it needs me down this low

so, shush and ill heal u
ill make u feel alright
ull go to sleep without me
and ill dream of u tonight

my head wont leave you for a second
my brain surely likes to taunt
but i wont ever tell u
for this is what u want

so give me some satisfaction
even if u have to lie
tell me that ull think of me
and then please say goodbye