where do YOU live?

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i was just wondering where everybody lived, like, how worldwidish is this website...
plus i was wondering if anyone here lives in Austin, TX...
but whatever.
just wondering.

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warren, nj

yup, i am...where in nj are you from?

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North Jersey

North Jersey

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I'm from Jemez Springs, New M

I'm from Jemez Springs, New Mexico. The small town of...nothing important ;)

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conservative USA

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Where do you live?


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Pittsford New York. And it s

Pittsford New York. And it sucks, cuz I am so far away from any gay guys who are actually interesting. I mean, the guys here are nice, but not deep. (*sigh*)

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I come from the land of the ice and snow...

The dirty dirty south side of Minneapolis!
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in the little worls, that app

in the little worls, that appers to be a small space in my head, thus i live in my self, along witht the rest of the world. this means that the whole world exists only in my head................ hehe, ime god.


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I live in a city near Cologne...

... Germany


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we are ddyyiiinnngggg

Pittsburgh, Pa as well.

I stayed in a city near Koln a few weeks ago

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Hey thats cool, I never see o

Hey thats cool, I never see other people for Pittsburgh ever, what area? Peace.

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portland, oregon. and i thin

portland, oregon.
and i think i'm the only one. le sigh.

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i used to live there!!! for f

i used to live there!!! for four years...

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enjoy it while you can.

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so be it then, it isnt all that bad'
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I live in the panhandle of Texas. In the 'Bible Belt', which I hate because I'm an atheist.
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Helena, MT. You have my su

Helena, MT.

You have my support. Fred Phelps has my hatred.

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if i cut off your arms, and c

if i cut off your arms, and cut off your legs, would you still love me anyway?


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Portage, MI
great summers, good falls, long winters, and welcomed springs.

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Yay! There are actually other

Yay! There are actually other people from michigan on this site!
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San Francisco, CA right now.

San Francisco, CA right now. But in the global-ness of oasis: When I first joined the site, I was living in Jakarta, Indonesia, then moved to NY, then to here.

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I'm one of the few boring old brits here. Still we''re getting some major gay rights soon

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melbourne. END TRANS



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Yep! Sydney, Australia. Nothing kool really ever happens here but still... got to love it.

'cause being a pair makes you twice as tall

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This is like the 5th or 6th t

This is like the 5th or 6th thread of its kind started since i joined oasis, and again i will say "The Middle of No-where"
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Danville, Virginia where homo

Danville, Virginia where homophobia is not a flaw, it's a way of life.

"Where the hell is Nebraska?!"

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Central London, UK

Central London, UK


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Im from Canada, eh! Haha. We dont really say that you know.

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Been living in Berkeley now f

Been living in Berkeley now for 2 weeks and I'm loving it.

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Birmingham,AL the happy Bi


the happy Bisexual

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For half of the year North Yo

For half of the year North Yorkshire, and the other half Newcastle

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same, cept i live in harrogat

same, cept i live in harrogate the half o the year, lol, c u at brekfast

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Bloomington, IN

I'm currently in Bloomington, IN. But I would like to live in New Zealand, Portland, Oregon, or even Vancouver.

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Good old Maryland.

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I live in Wilton, CT. Yep, o

I live in Wilton, CT. Yep, one of the richest towns in one of the richest states in one of the richest countries in the world. And it really is like Desperate Housewives. I go to my Dad's apartment in New York sometimes which is awsome.

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St. Louis, Misery, ahem, sorr

St. Louis, Misery, ahem, sorry, Missouri

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Fort Thomas, KY "once i ha

Fort Thomas, KY

"once i had a little game
i liked to crawl back in my brain
i think you know the game i mean
i mean the game of going insane"

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woot woot

Buffalo, New York...it's pretty boring. And I find it funny how a lot of people hear New York and think I live in NYC when I've never even been there before...

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Durring the summer: San Luis

Durring the summer: San Luis Obispo, Califronia. A normal small town.


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Here In

Hic Town... err I mean Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, Canada

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Lesbian wha?? :D

Wooster, Ohio. Where most of teh people that inhabit this place would throw a bible in your face for being openly gay, bi or lesbian. But they know to leave me alone. lol.

~Heather A.K.A. Squirrel~

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Southern California. Mission

Southern California. Mission Viejo RSM area if anyone knows what i am talking about.

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H-dubs, Massachusetts.

H-dubs, Massachusetts. (Well, we call it H-dubs but it's really two towns, Hamilton and Wenham.) A conservative town(s?) in a liberal state, which is pretty funny but also pretty sad.

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La.................. Not we just call it LA really it's LaSalle Ont. Canada!!!!!
I'm soo canadian eh?!?!?! I have a pet beaver, n moose, n caribeau, n polar bear. It's awlays cold so we live in igloos and wear parkas. There's nothing like a cold beer while talkin on the wooden Telephones, Not to mention saying EH!?!?!

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Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC (mom)
Greenville, SC (school)
Lexington, SC (dad)

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Wolverines Represent!

I'm from A2 Michigan.

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Near Sydney australia.
With no gay-ANYTHING, except maybe people :P within an hour of travelling =[

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Milwaukee, WI. Yea. Where

Milwaukee, WI. Yea. Where people go "up north" on vacations cuz its not frickin cold enough here!!!

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I live in Grande Prairie,

I live in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada! Rock on Canada!!

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Puerto Rico

OK I'm from puerto rico, if u dont know where's at dont ask me lol. i just cud say is the smallest tropica island.

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Sweetwater, TN

I Live in the Crap Hole of Sweetwater, TN it's boring with nothing to do.

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I live in the only real metropolitan area of eastern Washington state.