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my creative writing class.. a few lines i enjoyed:

for someone:
How long would you say it takes despair to file down a heart?
Maybe it is for you the sea lifts its shoulders to the moon.
Maybe its because of you the stars, too, desire one another across their infinite, impossible distances forever.
My heart is like a glove looking for your hand.

for a certain history:
Today, each memory is a cemetary that must be tended. You have to stand clear of the briars of anger. You have to wash revenge from your eyes.

okay a poemish sorta thingie:
Close-Minded America:
I see the billboards
the bright neon signs
Buy here!
Vote there!
Its a lustrous skyline
blemished with cardboard slogans.
Mentalities of "lets make a deal"
Its surreal and unavoidable.
Children's dreams of being rich like daddy.
One nation under riches.
Sacrafice the morals
Sacrafice any God
Sacrafice human kindness,
common courtesy, and decency.
Is this a country or a business deal?
Who knows their neighbors anymore?
We thrive while children starve-
While mothers weep over the body of the lifeless father.
wake up to the reality!
where's our nation?
our unity?
I believe the third world countries have more to value than we.