Your Ideal Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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What does your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend look like? As for me...

Okay, first of all, he's freakishly tall, maybe 6'8" or so. He has dark tanned skin and chocolatey brown hair. Dark eyes. Very masculine overall. He*hugs Dream Guy* Be real, damn you! *kicks Dream Guy in the shin*

*cough* Ahem...'neways, what is your Dream Guy/Girl's appearance? ^^

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my dream guy

my dream guy would be about my height but taller which is 5`0 so he would have to be 5`5 or so.i will like it if he has jet black hair thats full of mouisture and volume that goes down to his ears so i can play with for skin color it would be nice if he was lightly tanned not to much but there should be some color on him.light blue eyes would be nice and a good body too.

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My dream girl would be my height or a couple inches taller. I'm 5' 8" so she'd have to be between 5' 8" and like 5' 10". She'd have soft ivory skin kinda like mine. She'd have long brunette or dyed (any color) hair. have a great smile and green or blue eyes. Fuck I wish she was real. *pout pout*

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Tough to say.

I am into a diverse group of guys, so physically, I don't demand much, but, glasses, intelligent (and I mean REALLY intelligent), compassionate, and he tells me he loves me often.

"What is the purpose of life? It is to create our own purpose."

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He would:

He would:
-be my height (183cm; 6ft)
-be close to my age
-be any normal weight (not very over- or underweight)
-have fair skin
-have blue/green/grey eyes
-be able to talk about anything and everything under the sun and turn it into a good intellectual conversation.
-be good in bed

And for some strange reason, most of the guys I've been attracted to seem to be... exhibitionists to an extent. I'm not sure if that's what I'd look for in an ideal bf or not. I'm sure there's more I should put down, but I haven't figured out the rest.


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Only one

My dream girl would be my height or shorter. Most likely younger. She'd have a bad temper but wouldn't let it out often. She'd know how to handle herself, but not show it off too much. Her eyes would be silver or icy blue and piercing. Her hair would be any length, and dark. She would have an athletic build probably from playing some sport like tennis. Ahh, yes, many a dream about her.

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My dream girl would be about

My dream girl would be about my height give or take a few inches. She would be funny or at least able to make me laugh (which doesnt take much). Her hair would be redish goldish and her eyes would be green and she would have frekles that go across her nose. She would be very veratile like me...she can stand just sitting around not doing much but she also would like to go out and do fun stuff and be all adventurous and whatnot. And you would never be able to tell when she would do something random...(hence why its called random lol)

My dream would have curlyish hair and it would be very light brown and his skin would be pale...he would be somewhat serious but not boring. He would be romantic, like someone you can play out in the rain with or camp in the backyard with without them thinking its a stupid/crazy idea. He would deffinatly be artistic wheather it be with writing, drawing, instrument/music...anything and he would use his talent to show me he loves me. :) awww, i wish he was real.

And would both do/have something cute about them like biting their lower lip when their neverous or letting their hair fall in their face...something cute like that hehhehehe

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Nobody goes for the girls with the really curly hair eh? Damn, i'm outta luck.

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Man, I love girls with curly hair!

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I LOVE CURLY HAIR! Its moves and its full and fun.

Everybody's doing it..

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Maybe i'm not so outta luck after all!

"If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is ‘God is crying’. And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is ‘Probably because of something you did’."

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Dream Girl

My dream girl would be my age, about my height. She would have brown hair, green eyes, and freckles. She would have a zany sense of humor. She wouldn't mind doing something intirely crazy, like dancing the polka in the middle of the sidewalk. She would be a good listener, and a good talker. She would like music. She would give big wonderful hugs to whoever needed them, and would give wonderful kisses to me.

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You just described me! Well, except for the fact I'm 2/3 years younger than you. And I don't know how tall you are. o.O;; I'm a major shortass. u.u'

But apart from that, you descibed me.

I'm a bi girl, by the way.

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my dream girl- sweet , sexy,

my dream girl-
sweet , sexy, introverted, kind , caring , genuine, patient,
loving,cute,and likes to be hugged , pampered and spoiled
with kisses and suprises. (:"

oh yeah i forgot-
big tits
nice ass
in shape
long blonde hair
smooth creamy white skin
the ability to suck start a power generator
there. the bitch of my dreams!

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theres so many qualities id w

theres so many qualities id want and looks arent THAT important - i like loads of different types of girls, but since the post says apperance then i guess:
-short boyish, or mid-length hair
-dark hair
-toned, sporty body
-shorter than me (i think its a protective thing, i just have to protect other girls)
-small bum and boobs

-just another handsome dyke-

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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my dream girl is tall, really

my dream girl is tall, really really nice, a good singer, funny (or at least can make me laugh), has really pale skin, any colour hair and eyes, and outgoing.

don't wish, don't start
wishing only wounds the heart
theres a girl i know
...i love her so

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what to look for in people

hey, i'm knew to this.

What I look for in a guy is that he's good looking, intelligent, kind, and faithful. What more can I ask?

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Life Partner

My life partner is someone that I would trust with my life. A person who is caring and considerate. A man who loves me for what I am and pushes me to my best. A confidant. A person who cries real tears and laughs at the wrong part of a joke. My special person is one who knows my weaknesses and provides the strength to overcome my greatest fears.

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Dream Girl : )

My Dream girl would be about my height a little shorter.. I love dark hair, not black just dark brown. I love blue or green eyes. Not to pale but not fake tan either. She would have a nice body and would have to be a girly girl. I love girls who are like me and are into other girly girls.. I have a girlfriend and she is my dream girl.. I LOVE YOU CHEYENNE

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Kassie:)My dream girl would e

Kassie:)My dream girl would either have red hair not orange but red or black hair. I don't want her to be super skinny a little curve is always great. Big plump lips to suck on. And of course the most important part..... Great personality. Funny and charming is the ticket

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He exists

My dream guy actually exists, but I'm just not with him (oh, the cruelty)
Anyway he's American (living in britain), two years younger than me but taller (dammit!), long crazy blond hair, light blue eyes, and a majorly hyperactive personality. yeas I know its odd, but I like him okay?

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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wow so many things to say in such a tiny box

eyes that go so much deeper than color they look in you, lips you would walk a thousand miles just to kiss [ im talking about those nice plump and juicy ones ahaha] and a body with not to much fat but still got that nice ass [cute face - lil waist - with a big behind] and a personality i can get along with even when im sleeping someone that will laugh at my jokes and actually gets em and the hair dont really matter just aslong as they look beautiful in it =]

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My dream girl exists, she's j

My dream girl exists, she's just not with me....and straight. *cries* anywho, she's small, maybe 5'2", curvy, big pale green eyes that just sparkle every time she smiles, the most adorable nose with freckles, these gorgeous lips that i have to restrain myself from kissing, the cutest laugh, listens when i talk, doesn't hound me for homework or answers, really smart, really intuitive, extremely caring. yeah...

my DREAM girl (as in the one that doesn't exist) is taller than me (so she can wrap her arms around me when we're sleeping) slender, athletic, curly hair, preferably brown, reeeeeeally intense eyes, maybe blue or green, lovely lips to kiss, freckles, good personality, can hopefully make me laugh. *cries again* be real damn you!!! *reaches for Dream Girl, but can't find her*

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Dream Girl

My dream girl is the person who I see myself with for the rest of my life, and sees themself with me for the rest of their life.

I could give stats and traits, but those things end up not being as important as how well a couple fits together and stands the test of time.

Peace Out :)

"War will never cease until babies begin to come into the world with larger cerebrums and smaller adrenal glands."
-H. L. Mencken

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we're doing something really

we're doing something really similar to this in english right now haha. umm physically she would be taller than me, curvy (mmm i love curves), great eyes, full lips, nice eyebrows (i have a thing about eyebrows...), a great smile, and dark hair.

♥ alli

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I think I've found him

I've found my dream man. And at the age of 17. Imagine that!
I don't know if we'll be together forever (probably not, though it's fun to dream), but we have such amazing chemistry. We get along great with our personalties. He's very energetic and flaming, and I'm mellow and witty. We balance eachother out perfectly. He brings me up and I bring him down.
And his body is right on the money. He's a few inches shorter than me (I'm 6' 1", he's about 5' 9" or 5' 10"), and he's got a great dancer's body - skinny and toned. And he has a great face. I'm in heaven!

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My ideal

My ideal would be someone who's patient, creative, at least a little more outgoing than me, funny, and shares some of my interests. For physical stuff, good looking is always a good thing. I don't have too much of a physcical ideal.

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Maybe taller then me, or real

Maybe taller then me, or really short. A smile that makes my heart fly. Curvy. Long hair, any colour. Freckles, but if there were freckles, dark dark hair. Intelligent. Someone I could sit with for hours just talking, or just being quiet with. Someone who will accept and adopt my obsessions, someone the complete opposite yet exact same as me. Someone like her.


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Dreams Come True

I already have my dream girl.She's 5'4,athleticly curvy, and the greatest blue eyes ever(I could get lost them),and she is extremely funny!

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^darla's dream girl sounds exactly like me, lol. well, like so many others, my dream girl exists, and i had her for an extremely short period of time before she dumped me. but now we're starting to become close friends. shes 4'11" (as in my poem "5-Foot Beauty", i rounded up cause 4-Foot-11 Beauty doesnt exactly roll off the tounge), she has light brown hair, AMAZING big, green eyes, an awesome sense of humor, and the most adorable smile! and we have a lot in common, too. she's really mature, and i can talk to her about things none of my other friends would understand or care about. I WILL HAVE YOU SOMEDAY!!!!!!!.......*cough**clears throat**ahem*

"Don't let sad people make you sad, let happy people make you happy."

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Your dream guy kind of sounds

Your dream guy kind of sounds like my older sister's boyfriend, except he's only 6'6".

My ideal girlfriend appearance wise would be around my height, somewhere between 5'7" and 6' and curvy, not super skinny because that kind of creeps me out, I like the idea of being able to cuddle someone who's soft. I'm not very particular about hair color, I'm not too much into blondes but my friend Brittany has the most awesome natural blonde hair, but I tend to like brown or black hair and I love curls, and I love brown eyes.

Gah, it sounds really shallow, but it's what I find attractive.

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my dream girl friend has to be brunnet,brown eyes or green, short
sexy,cute and she has to have a nice smile..
just like mandy musgrave i love this girl.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

~~~i love u mandy~~~

"just be your self and forget what stupid people say about u"
just be happy!!! :)

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same here all the way!Mandy M

same here all the way!Mandy Musgrave is soooo beautiful!!!

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My dream girl...

...would be blonde, but not stupid. (I like smart blondes) She'd have long, curlyish hair, with some freckles and incredibly beautiful deep blue eyes. She'd be about my height, pale-ish, and would have a medium-thin waist. (Not anorexic-looking, please) She'd have a great sense of humor, and would be patient with me whenever I felt anti-social, but would force me to have a good time if she had to. :D I admit, sometimes I do NOT want to associate with other human beings.

~~Gay And Here To Stay~~
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He'd have to be about my weig

He'd have to be about my weight and height (I'm about 5'3, 140 lbs), good looking, have some muscles and abs but not like a body builder, and race does not matter to me. He'd also have to be between 18-40 at the oldest. Being with someone that is more than 20 years older to me is too creepy! 40 would not be so bad if the guy still looks young and is hot!!!! After that, it's kinda like Cathrine Zeta-Jones and Micheal Douglas's relationship to me.

Poor is the man
Whose pleasures depend
On the permission of another
Love me, that's right, love me
I wanna be your baby
Wanting, needing, waiting
For you to justify my love
Hoping, praying
For you to justify my love
I'm open and ready

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Hey you're back

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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Dream a little dream.

The guy in my sig is my dream guy.

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Oh, gosh, this is hard. He p

Oh, gosh, this is hard. He probably has dark hair, is of medium build, and about my height (~ 6 foot). I love piercings, so at least the ear done...preferebly the lip too. He would wear glasses, and be very intelligent. He would also be anti-bullshit enough as to keep my tendency to be pretentious and arrogant in check. He would be artsy, and love the same music as I do (The Decemberists, Dresden Dolls, The Cure, White Stripes, etc.). He would play an instrument, or at least be able to sing (I melt at a great voice). He would also be...well, like me in the sense the he isn't exactly masculine, but not know, the artsy type. I think that's it...

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He'd be taller than me, well tall enough to wrap his arms around me and lay his head on top of mine. (I'm 5'9) He'd have blue eyes, long-ish, dark-blonde hair, a god's smile, and the most caring and soothing voice you could imagine. His built doesn't matter as long as it's healthy. His kiss would be one to make me melt, one that one get me lost in it. One that would take away all pain. He'd be gentle, yet defensive, one to stick up for me, but never(or most of the time) not harsh towards me. He'd always want to spend time with me, and never be comfortable without holding me in his arm.

T.T God i sound like an uke.....well duh I am. LOLLOLOLOLOL

~Behind this smile is everythign you'll never understand.~

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My dream girl... BIG TITS! n

My dream girl... BIG TITS! no not really.

Umm.... Some one that doesn't leave me with that dissappointed depressed feeling in my stomach when we talk. Some one that knows what she wants most of the time. Some one with the same rationality as me. Some one that doesn't make me feel fiery jealousy... A little jealousy is ok. Some one that I can make laugh easily and that will make me laugh too. Some one that likes walks. Some one that works hard and knows how to save money. They should have goals. They like to go out and let go. They shouldn't be afriad to argue with me. We should be able to compromise. I dunno....

Looks? Some one that either short enough that I can hold them or tall enough that they can hold me! Or maybe in the middle so it's mutual.

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my dream guy is just that, no

my dream guy is just that, nothing more than a dream

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Dream Girl

My dream girl would be taller(I'm 5'2") and have short, spiky punk hair with a lean body, deep eyes, and a heart shaped face. She would be someone who could just talk to me about things, but would also be willing to listen. Even to my insane rambles that never lead to anything. Someone I could share my dreams with and is intrested in music, preferably rock. Mostly though, I think I'd want to be with someone who's outgoing and could coax me out of my shell when I get all anti-social.


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my dream girl would be a tato

my dream girl would be a tatolly crazy cool punk/goth with dark hair who was wicked into poltics
nothing iz real
john lennon

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My ideal boyfriend would have

My ideal boyfriend would have brunette or jet black hair, brown or hazelnut eyes (and his eyes would be like a puppy's eyes. hehe). He would be taller than me; he wouldn't be too much handome, because if he would be totally hot, then all the girls would go after him. He would just be for me.haha. he would be the boy-next-door type.

As for my ideal girlfriend, she would have black hair too, small eyes, taller than me as well, she would have a very fair skin, she would be part of the track and field varsity in our school, her hips would be sexy and she would be damn hot!

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Dream girl

I already found her, but she isn't mine yet!

Anyway, as of the last time I saw her (June 8th, 10 a.m.), she is medium height (5'2"ish); just-above-the-shoulder brown hair (with highlights) styled similar to Kate Beckinsale in Underworld; cream-colored skin and when she's been physically active, gets small rosy patches on her cheeks; a light dusting of freckles on the bridge of her nose; brilliant smile (and sometimes dimples); and very cute pouty-in-the-middle lips.

As for her personality, she is shy (until you get to know her), mild-mannered (I have only seen her mad...4 times maybe), easy to get along with, smart (but not overwhelmingly so), has hidden insecurities (which goes along with the shyness), and the sweetest and most adorable person EVER.

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***love the number 7***

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