Advice Needed

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Hi, im new here and a teen lets say between 14-16.

I love girls and have been out with my fair sure but
there's just this one guy who ive known all mu life
and who is 2 years younger that i seem to have some sort of feelings for.
Not emotional or anything just touching ans stuff.

When where together in one of our bedrooms we are always play fighting
and touching each other alot and we always just lie on one another.
I get erect by that but outside of the bedroom when we are touching i feel nothing.
I actually dont want to feel anything.

What should i do ?

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A lot of guys get turned on from wrestling and touching or whatever. But that don't make you gay. Especially when you're in your teens. But if you have feelings for the person, that's a totally different thing.


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Is this an isolated emotion?

Is this attraction intense, or just fleeting? Do you feel like you might have other feelings towards guys (an "oh he's hot" or "if I could kiss him..." or a crush on a ceartain guy), or is this the only time you've noticed something like this? At any rate, be open and don't worry about finding a label for yourself, that will come in time. Keep posting here, too, if you feel like you need to. We'll listen.

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Nah. Its only when we are


Its only when we are like together in a bedroom and mucking around that i feel something. Otherwise no and no i never feel those things you mentioned (oh he's hot etc.)

I really love my girls.