Animé censorship is gay =(

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Cartoon Network removed the Naruto/Sasuke kiss from Episode 3 of Naruto! Way to overplay it! Having seen the Japanese version fan-subbed I can vouch for it being completely inoffensive. It was two boys falling into each other's faces for goodness sake. Their lips accidentally touched. The fact that Sasuke is completely hot is neither here nor there, it wasn't like they were passionately making out. It was an accident dattebayo! >.<

However, in the very same series they've allowed scantily censored female nudity uncut. Naruto preys on the libido of grown men to defeat them in battle and yet an accidental touching of lips between two boys is cut out! What's more, apparently Haku is going to be turned into a girl so that his relationship with Zabuza is acceptable for children.

Stupid censors ¬.¬


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man do i see where you're com

man do i see where you're coming from. they pull the same kind of crap with the Sailor Moon characters Michiru and Haruka, saying they're cousins instead of lesbian lovers.

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censorship is gay

CN is very catutios with everything they put on. And frankly as a devoted anime fan any kind of messing with the anime sucks. Do you know when Rurouni Kenshin was on well they whiped out all blood and when they missed a frame the blood just sudenlly popps in. And come one. If some one gets hit with a sword there is going to be blood. Kids should see more homosexuality other wise they will grow up just like out generation to be little biggots. I saw leave the anime be or not play it at all. Naruto is a wonderful anime and playing with it is a disgrace to its animation. And i heard about the thing with sailor moon. Ok.. They were two lesbians so what!! If i had seen it when i was little i would of thought it was cute and nothing more of it. The American Television people need to get a life and take a step back. Kids seeing two guys falling into each other and kissing is not going to make then burn in the fires of hell or die.

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actually I saw that on CN...

actually I saw that on CN... I adore that show

but If I recorderded it on TIVO would it be censored?

I saw the part and It wasn't censored to my eyes

HATE is a strong word, but so is LOVE

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Have you seen the Japanese version? Comparing my torrents, there's quite clear censorship between the Japanese fan-sub and the American dubbed version.

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What happened on the japanese

What happened on the japanese verison

What I saw on the american version was naruto falling and their lips touching

HATE is a strong word, but so is LOVE