being a witch

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okay, here goes. two months ago, i was visited at night by a ghost. i'm very scientific, and i didn't
believe it at first. now i do. he's been teaching me to use my gift, to be a witch. i'm not very good
yet, but he says i am very promising. i have a lot of power, he says, i just have to learn how to use it.
only problem is, i'm telepathic, and i can't seem to shut it off tonight. i just keep feeling other
people's emotions. and with my dad so depressed, it feels like i'm carrying a double burden. my mentor
won't answer my call, and i'm afraid to summon any one else. are any of you witches? do any of you have
any suggestions? anything at all...i'm desperate.



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I'm not a witch, and I'm eith

I'm not a witch, and I'm either magic-retarded, or on a subconscious level just don't believe in it, but I'm heavily into meditation. Ever tried it? it might help you, it might not. Good luck. :)

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i meditate every night. whil

i meditate every night. while i do push ups, and after. for hours, sometimes. i just can't concentrate right now. thanks though...

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try channeling your energy th

try channeling your energy through tarot readings before bed. might be able to organize their thoughts early and effectively without having them run through your mind all night. and yes, i'm also a witch. if you need anything, don't be afraid to message me.

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thank you!!!

thank you so much! i was starting to think i was going insane. i'll try it next time it gets that bad. i still haven't figured out what going on, 'cause i didn't go to school today. i keep thinking that it's emma (my gf). goddess, let her be alright.

"What is the purpose of life, if not to be out?"