Being Angry

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Feelings- Angry, Lonely and Sad

Why? I am facing my demons which leaves me lonely and
sad and angry because people refuse to leave me long enough to
let me fight them.

Anything but this- I am so mad someone wants me
to date them and they don't relize that I can't date
them till I have fought all my demons. Picking up
a razor and holding it to my arm and cutting means
I am not done with my demons yet and they will
have to wait till I am which may not be for a while
I am lonely cause I keep pushing everyone away even
when I know they are just trying to help. They
are offering me a why out and I keep pushing
them harder and harder to get them away from me
I am sad because I know I am doing all of this and
in my mind its like the room I am standing in is
getting smaller and smaller. There is two people
who will not leave me no matter how hard I push
J and Danny She won't leave and he won't leave.
And they are helping me fight my demons even thought
I don't see them. She is pulling me away from guys
when they ask me to come home with them and He is
watching me when we have shows because we are in
bars and he is watching what I am doing. I just want
to get back to my normal and this isn't it.


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hey just hang in there, i kno

hey just hang in there, i know i don't have alot of exprience or anything, but i know you can fight the demons off. you just have to be strong but still lean on your friends for help and support. there is a door to that room that will be your way out.

iF yOu gIvE it wiNgS, it wAntS tO flY aWaY

-Billy Merrell