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Feeling- Bored

Why? I skipped music class because it sucks

Anything but this- So I skip this class on a regualar
basic go figure its just so damn boring. I
almost always want to fall asleep while he is talking
After losing my job I am going nexty wenseday to a job
fair thing so I can hopefully get a new job and that
would be a good thing. Right know I am typing on a computer i
AM not use to and I am probably driving those
around me nuts since the keyboard on this computer
is anything but quite. I can't help that.
Anyways I was driving to school this morning and
when I got in my car in the passangers seat
was a cd. It got me a little worried. So I flipped
it into the cd play I have hooked up in my car
cause my car is a little on the old side and
didn't come with one and I didn't feel like buying
one and so I just hooked up my portable cd play
into my car and velcored it to the floor so it doesn't
slid around and doesn't scratch my cds.
So i put the cd in had no clue what was going to
come out of the speakers and was surpised to hear
my own voice. It was a demo we cut just a few years
ago as I listened to it I relized that a lot of the
songs on that cd where still true or where starting
to be true in my life again and I got sad. THese
songs where from a 15 year old point of view
a younger mes point of vire and some how it
still holds true after all I have been thought
I don't know rather to laugh or cry probably I want
to shout and scream.