Boring day.

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Not much happened today. Found out my 13 year old cousin (female) was asking a friend of mine if I was gay to which she naturally replied "no" and, if you've read my other post you'll know that means nothing. Watched some Shakespeare in the morning too.

There's a guy in my college class, he seems very "gay". He's kind of cute, but has a crap personality and is less cute face-on, better looking from the side. Shame.

I don't have any gay people in my life really. None that I know of anyway, and it's surprising, because at my age it's usually all these people starting to come out. That said, the town I live in is very homophobic. I can't wait to leave, what a release that'll be. It's so depressing seeing so many couples kiss on the street, or at college, leading their normal little lives with stupid problems like 'I have no money for Christmas' and that being preceded by a dramatic 'oh my God.'

Oh well, I got 5 unexpected bottles of wine today. Hurrah!


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ah yes, i also miss the pet

ah yes,
i also miss the petty bickering during relationships.
it's funny how little things turn into big things
and the stupidest things cause arguments.
i can stand girls but i will never understand (nor want to)
how a GUY could bitch and moan so much.

you got FIVE bottles of wine?..yeesh..
thats alot of wine.