Can you bring home your same sex partner?

52% (26 votes)
4% (2 votes)
14% (7 votes)
24% (12 votes)
Not unless we are 'married'
0% (0 votes)
Both 3&5
6% (3 votes)
Total votes: 50


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For me the answer is Hell NO!

For me the answer is Hell NO!!!&Not unless your married.Whatever.

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My father is iffy on this iss

My father is iffy on this issue. First, he hates homosexuality, and doesn't want me to like infect and corrupt my little sis. But, he beleives that if I hung out with other queers, I'd do drugs or have rampant sex, something like that.

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oh my God that sounds so horr

oh my God that sounds so horriable? hug. at least you here though.
Too bad he dons't know that all gay men arn't like that.

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Good for you the person that

Good for you the person that voted yes.Who ever you are.

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My parents are pretty good about gayness

Though they're both more straight than anything else, they do care about gay civil rights and are at least supportive of, if not completely comfortable with, my attraction to girls. My mom does like to ask me if there were any cute boys in my class or at last night's contra dance, and omits asking about any girls, which drives me up the wall. Honestly, I don't want to think about my parents' sexuality and I doubt they want to think about mine, so she really shouldn't bring it up in the first place if she doesn't want to know...

But I know I am really lucky to have parents as tolerant as mine are, and I know that if I wanted to bring home a girlfriend, I could.

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i hate subjects...

dear god, my parents suggested that i have a sleepover with my girlfriend! we did, and lets just say we got a bit carried away. yeah... and the scary part is that my parents knew we were going out. some people are just a bit...strange. not always a bad thing ;)

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Not only is it ok, it's encouraged.

My parents are disturbingly supportive. I'm perfectly welcome to bring home my partner. She's encouraged to stay the night. The only catch is this. My family has a tradition of getting acquainted with people when you're in the middle of, well, working up a sweat. If you don't remember to lock the door, you're in for the embarasment of your life. Don't get the wrong idea. It's not just me. Hell, I've been known to do it to my aunts. My family is very relaxed about all things sexual. Barging in on a couple and offering cocoa is a perfectly normal occurance in my house. Sometimes I wish they were a little more uptight, but I guess I can't complain. It's good for a laugh, if nothing else.

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yeah, definitly good for a la

yeah, definitly good for a laugh! and some really red cheeks! i've walked in on my cousin (gay) kissing her girlfriend, and, um, get a bit better aquainted, but they didn't notice me, and i beat a fast retreat. and i've heard my parents in the bath together. i don't mind them having sex, but i really don't need to hear it!!!

"I can't even think straight!"
"Keep your laws off my body!"

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i think my mum likes my boyfr

i think my mum likes my boyfriend more than she does me...



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My parents would be way more comfortable about my bringing home a girlfriend than a boyfriend. And I'm sure they'd let my girlfriend sleep over, but they would never let my boyfriend (because of the pregnancy thing? it's weird, I know).

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acutally, it sorta makes senc

acutally, it sorta makes sence. about the pregnancy thing, that is. still, it's more than a bit screwed up. my parents are the same way, they're glad that i'm lesbian so they don't have to give me the 'DON'T GET PREGNANT' lecture (caps and all).

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My parents probably wouldn't

My parents probably wouldn't care, but they don't want it under thier roof, and if I were in a gay marriage, that would probably actually make it worse.

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I don't think my parents woul

I don't think my parents would be into the idea, but they're on the other side of the world, and my suitemate wouldn't care if I brought a guy back to my room.


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I've brought a couple of boyfriends home at points various.

But Mum only accepted those because she didn't know ¬.¬

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34 votes&only 14 comments.Tha

34 votes&only 14 comments.That sucks.

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I'm not sure- I think they'd

I'm not sure- I think they'd be Ok with her to her face, and then maybe ask me what the hell I think I'm doing as soon as she left.

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Yeah that would be a big negative for me. My stepfather has already told me that he doesn't want me bringing queers around the house, and my mom severely dislike who I am with, so.... But it really doesn't matter since I've decided that I don't need to be there anymore around that kind of an environment. His family on the other hand, TOTALLY different. They are the "that's great" kinda people, so there is definitely a bright side to look on, even though my family is made up of a bunch of homophobic uptight conservatives.

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And still I dream he'll come to me,

And we will live the years together.

(les mis)

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Oh my God so many yes votes.I

Oh my God so many yes votes.I envy you guys.

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God, HELL NO!!!! i'd never pu

God, HELL NO!!!! i'd never put my partner through that kinda shit, unless he was being a real big "dork"

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