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California no longer says "Under God" in the pledge of allegiance, this is a fairly, as in today, recent change in our laws. California feels that it goes against the separation of church and state and they can legally do this on a state level.

I mentioned this to my mom tonight, we had been discussing it in my gov. and politics class and I thought it was interesting. She didn't take it well. She brought up how non christians still spend money with "in god we trust" on it and seemed to imply that she couldn't see the difference and that it was a double standard, I completely agree--however i understand that money is issued at a federal level and that this was a state ruling, oh and did i mention that she was arguing that all non christains should just get over it? Granted she was a bit more subtle about it, but not that much, suffice it to say that i got her point.

I informed her, very calmly, after she made a rather rude comment about the hypocrisy of non christians, that I am a non christian, her response, "No kidding," and she didn't say it in a nice way. I was shocked and insulted and left the room before I made a snotty comment or ended up in tears. I came back a few minutes later to get my backpack so i could finish up my homework and she was all, "Why'd you leave? I was just pointing out that it says in god we trust on the dollar bill."

No, she bloody well wasn't, and that most certainly was not why I left, it was the whole implication and tone of her statement about my atheism (there was quite a bit more to the scene than her no kidding comment).

It makes me wonder if she thinks I'm going to hell because I don't believe in God, and I get the impression that she does.

She gives off this air of open mindedness and acceptance, but I sometimes have to wonder how far it extends, especially when she does things like this, or when she shows no interest or support in issues that are important to me. I have nothing against christians, and I hate that I constantly have to make that clear to her, to point out that I very rarely badmouth christianity, and only the aspects that persecute people for stupid reasons and yet are still upheld, and that some of my best friends are christian.

I love my mom, I really do, and I respect her and all of that, but sometimes she just makes me feel like shit about myself. It's stupid incidents like this that make me hesitant to tell her about my sexuality, or anything else for that matter. What would she see me as then, as opposed to whatever she sees me as now?

Yeah, I know, emilee is bitching yet again, but it just irks me that she would display such a narrowminded nature when it comes to her own family. This wasn't so much about how other non christians are hypocritical, but more about my being hypocritical for spending money and yet not saying the pledge of allegiance, and yet feeling that I'm justified in discussing the issue.

When the government converts to socialism we'll have nice little ration cards that you just scan instead of cash and instead of a pledge of allegiance we'll sing paint it black.