Does same sex marriage really matter?

76% (41 votes)
15% (8 votes)
9% (5 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 54


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Well does it matter? I think

Well does it matter? I think it does.

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Well, I'm in a country where

Well, I'm in a country where you can have about the advantages of marriage without being technically married, but I maintain it's not enough.

Just because some of us don't care doesn't mean everyone does ; I'm not religious but some gay/bi people are, and it's unfair to betray their believings, for exemple.

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The equality

Its not so much the marriage its the equality it represents. In britain same-sex marriage is becoming legal very soon, thank god

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civil unions arent the same a

civil unions arent the same as marriage

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No they are not,they do not g

No they are not,they do not give the same rights.

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It matters very much. However, civil union is not it. Until both heterosexual and homosexual marriages are enshrined in the same law, there will be a difference, real or imagined. Just because the playing field is flat, doesn't disguise the 45 degree angle upon which it is slanted ¬¬

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Hell Ya it does

I don't know, the only reason i really feel it matters, is to have the ability too. I don't know if i ever will see the day i "fall in love" and actually want to marry, But, Gosh darned it i deserve the same F'in right as those....(insert evil deragatory name here) heterosexuals. and more so, I really dont care about what they call it. marrige is a religous institution but the governments puts about 2000 more things too it, such as passing on healthcare benifits. thats the thing that gets me "peeved" i couldnt care less what you call it.

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Aside from personal opinion (which would be HELL YES!), marraige in general has to mean something or else the straight coulples wouldnt fight so damn hard to keep it "sacred".
In any other since, Hell yes I think I should be able to marry my girlfriend!

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The Answer is YES

The fact of the matter is yes, same sex marriage does really matter, civil unions only give a few basic couple's rights and its the simple fact that civil unions create a separate but equal ruling, which is totally not cool, not to mention not allowed. Even further it isn't even a separate but equal, its a separate and unequal ruling.

If a straight couple can be recognized as married by the government and given rights for that circumstance then Gay, Lesbian, and others couples can have that right as well. Remember that constitutional rule about separation of church and state? Well if the government is basing their rulings off of religious dogma then they are breaking there own rules. I could continue to rant about this subject but I am going to cut it here...

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Yay! more pro-marriage peopl

Yay! more pro-marriage people!

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how could anyone vote no?

how could anyone vote no?
Also Ayame boi your icon is hot.
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I totally agree with you on the voting no thing Quitty. By the way, thanks, I had to use this one, as Latter Days is a Favorite of mine and my partner's. Its not a particulary fantastic film, but there is a great story and some wonderful moments to be seen.

"Two Hearts That Have Been Merged Is Marriage; Two Souls That Have Been Merged Is Fate."

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I did
I think that gay marriage is just wanting to be picked on
If we love each other than nothing will ever tear us apart
you dont need a slip of paper to say that.

You... Need to