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Ok- the choice is between'Sarah' by J.T. Leroy, and 'Keeping You A Secret' by Julie Anne Peters. If we have more than three books to pick from, I might use the poll option, but otherwise I think sticking on the forum will be OK. So if votes can be posted here- and then we collect the result on Friday, then allow 3 days for getting hold of the book and adjust the reading time for the book. (Thanks to Penumbra for the time scale idea :D)
Everyone Ok with that?

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I vote for 'Sarah' by JT LeRo

I vote for 'Sarah' by JT LeRoy by the way!

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sarah--JT Leroy

Me, too.

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Also me

I vote for Sarah, as well.

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i vote for "keeping you a sec

i vote for "keeping you a secret" - julie anne peters

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whatr they about Who would

whatr they about

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google them and youll find re

google them and youll find reviews.

--how can you smile with all those tears in your eyes?--

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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Sarah info

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Book clubs...

I ran the book club for the Chuck Palahniuk site for a while, and my advice for the club would be to establish what you are trying to do in advance. On the Chuck site, it seemed like they wanted me to turn into a discussion leader, whereas I wanted organic discussions to emerge. Some people would wait to hear the beginning of the discussion to decide if they wanted to read the book, and then complain about spoilers.

So, I guess my advice for this to be successful would be to determine how books are selected, as well as what you want to happen after you all read it. Otherwise, it just becomes a series of one-off posts saying "I think Sarah was a good book that explored what it was like to be a lot lizard in West Virginia..." but stay at the book report level, rather than inspiring conversation.

Another alternative is for someone to read the book in advance, which is probably the case with a lot of the books that will come up anyway, and then have them put some questions together to keep the conversation going. That is what I never ended up doing on the Chuck site, but might have made it more successful. And, the questions work best when you relate the book to the lives of the readers, rather than all be about what happens within the book. We all use art to discover ourselves anyway, really.

Just some advice, although I will probably not be participating all that much, as my book reading is pretty mapped out for quite a while, mainly with long-ass books by long-dead people.

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I actually wanna pick up a copy of that. =)

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It's cute how you believe in things. - Slither

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I vote for that too

However getting ahold of the book is not easy .. being in africa and all =)

Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

It's cute how you believe in things. - Slither

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Keeping You a Secret all the way!

Note the quote. ;3

Though okay, I admit, I never heard of this book Sarah before.

"You haven't come to terms what it means to be a lesbian." -Cece Goddard from Keeping You a Secret

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yesssss.....i love that book!

yesssss.....i love that book!!!!!

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Keeping You A Secret has my v

Keeping You A Secret has my vote.
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keeping u a secret

'Keeping You A Secret' by Julie Anne Peters. loved the book. it has my vote

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Keeping You a Secret "Nobo

Keeping You a Secret

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me and my gf call keeping you a secret our bible. we quote it constantly. like, when she does puppy eyes at me, and i want to kiss her, but i'm not sure if it's safe, i say to her, 'you know what that does to me.' and if she doesn't want to be kissed, she'll stop, and if she does, she'll just nod, and keep doing it. we kissed in the bathroom before school one day!!! i've always wanted to do that. that and kissing in the rain, which we already did. oh man, i'm so happy.

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Keeping you a secret

the author is sooooo nice