First day of internship

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My internship started on Wendsday and it is so cool. I am working at a national laboratory run by the US department of Energy on neutrino research. The first half of the day was a safty seminar
which was actually really amusing. We spent like an hour going over the fact that
we are not allowed in radioactive areas. It was like dont go into a radioactive area,
if you see a sign with yellow and magenta (the colors for radioactivity) turn back
and then they basically repeated that. After the safty seminar I got to start going
over the papers of the experiments I am going to be helping with. It is just so cool.
Scientists have the life. They basically spend their time working on problems and
then arguing with their collegues about who is right and who is wrong. That and trying
to get funding of course. I never thought that I would get to work with stuff like this while I was still in high school, its amazing. I'm starting to think maybe I want to do research when
I get out of college, or rather grad school since that requires a PHD. So much school ahead.
I'm going to end up spending a minimum of 9 more years in school for basically any job that even remotely appeals to me, and here I used to think college was the end. Well all the same I am going to have a lot of fun with this internship and I am really excited.