floating face down in a pool outside the motel..

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Tommorow I'm supposed to be having friends over for a drinking party, it
sounds like alot of fun because i hardly ever get to hang out with alot
of my friends.. though alot aren't or wont come.. it'll still be fun..

Heather told me she was bringing her b/f along who happens to know
some bio-curious guys who might show up so in a wierd way i'm excited
because maybe something will happen.. or maybe they wont.. but i'm just
not going to expect anything.

I'm still patching things up with Eva and Sarah.. they're both pretty
miserable at the moment.. which makes me more miserable than usual..

I'm still having nightmares/dreams.. They're getting very vivid.. but i
only know that because i'm waking up sweating/screaming/crying. I still
cant remember a single one of them.. but i always wake up between 2:30 and
3:30.. It's really aggrivating me cause i want to sleep lol.

Art club (in school) is finally getting in gear and i'm president so i'm
gonna try and do some new cool things this year ^-^

We're gonna ask the town council if we can do some murals int he town square
and we're doing a big one on the side of the gym and stuff.. we've got alot
of cool things like a t-shirt contest and some things for halloween planned
and if all goes well we'll being going on some more trips this year.

It's gonna be alot of fun.. i'm excited :)

I think thats it for now..