Gay Movie Preview

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I was at the movie theatre with my dad (I know, I still frequently go to movies with my Dad; if this makes me a loser, so be it) two days ago and I saw a preview for a movie that totally got my attention.

I'm sure someone, somewhere on this site, has already mentioned this movie. I'm talking about it anyway.

Two cowboys out in the middle of nowhere herding sheep or something, fall in love and have a fling. Years later they settle down with their respective women, but still have feelings for each other that they simply can’t deny.

I had heard of this movie before, thought it to be a low-budget, independent film that would slip under the public eye as so many gay-themed movies have tended to do in the past. But was this was a preview for a high-grossing film I was watching. The theatre was packed with people, and there was quite a stir when that preview was on the screen. I heard teenagers toward the back laughing hysterically when they showed the cowboys kissing and I heard middle-aged heterosexual couples talking uncomfortably about not going to see that one when it comes out.

Man. I was excited to see this. Besides the fact that it was a nice break from the norm, I also now have a particular movie to keep an eye out for. The title, I believe, is Brokeback Mountain and it stars Heath Ledger.

After the preview was over, I leaned over to my Dad and said, “I’m seeing that one. So there.


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Omg that sounds hot... cowboys making out... *drool*
But seriously, that sounds like a cool movie.
And I hope noone points it out to me with a homophobic snigger...

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I might actually go to a theatre

I'm a "wait till it comes out on DVD and rent it" kinda guy, but I'll risk a trip to the hell hole that is Star Theatres Toledo, to see a good gay western.

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I wrote a journal entry about it a while back.

it seems so out of context/inthat gaudy apartment context

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yeah i seen the w

yeah i seen the was pretty gay

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I just read the short story last night.

It's good.

A lot of people are saying the film is oscar material.

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