Gay Youth Group- I'm In!

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I have been putting off calling up a gay youht group for ages, basically becuase I was scared. Anyway- yesterday I went for it and rang them- getting through to the answering machine. I left quite a babbling, nervous message but they still called me back! The person I talked to was really nice, and said that I would be welcome to come along and I could bring a friend or two if I wanted. I'm currently questioning my relationship with my mates- but one of them seemed to be Ok on MSN so I asked her if she'd come along (I know I'm using her as much as she's using me- we're equal now) as it was something we'd discussed before.
Next step was getting my mum, who I'm not out to, to agree. I basically lied flat out and said that it was a youth club a lot of people I know go to, and she said I could go! So now I'm half dreading, half looking forward to next Thursday.

Wish me luck, and that I find a sweet geek girl there!


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Yay! :)

Hopefully you'll meet that sweet geek girl. :P

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Good luck, have fun!

Good luck, have fun!