Getting Turned On In Maths!

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Today was probably one of the best/worst days ever- and I'll tell you why. First of all, the back story:
I am crushing on a straight girl 'Bex' and she's such a damn flirt that I end up with butterflies in my stomach whenever I chat to her. She doesn't know my feelings, and she doesn't know I'm gay. so I just try and act cool and flirt back- as if I'm just having a laugh.

Today, for some reason, I've been feeling horny all day. I was making up a slashy story in my head and got a lot more carried away with the details than usual. So with some graphic images fresh in my mind, it was even harder than usual to keep up a breezy chat with Becky without wanting to grab her and have my wicked way with her :p
I still don't know how I managed through the whole day, let alone in Maths class where she sat barely a foot away and said she was glad I had sat nearby "becuase it meant we could hold hands," then she started her flirting routine again and I was in heaven. I'd have been quite happy to sit there just joking around, but the wonders of number powers had to be discovered.

Now the feeling has completely gone- maybe I can revive it tonight ;-)


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Heehee. :D

I know that feeling.. I was the same today in
class. :D

Ah.. those hot, straight people and their power
over us.. When will it end!? :p

Sounds like a good day, anyway! One of the better
ones, anyway.

"If nothing we do matters, then all that
matters is what we do."

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Lol I wish guys flirted like

Lol I wish guys flirted like that...
Then I could have some fun too;)

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Penumbra, that was freaking a

Penumbra, that was freaking awesome! Heh, girls are just cooler about holding hands than guys. I hate guys sometimes.

You have my support. Fred Phelps has my hatred.