girlfreind trouble

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hi, i have a problem. ive been going out with a girl for 3 months now and the relathionship has grown steadily and we still have done nothing more than kiss im willing to wait for her until she feels its right. she says she loves me but still she turns away when i try something!!!!!!!!! what should i do


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ummmmm...respect her. if she

ummmmm...respect her. if she doesnt want to, its her choice. some people need more time than others. be gentle and let her know you only want to make he happy, even if it means just kissing.

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thanks 4 the advice, i talked to her and sed i was happy with what she is, and yea im happy with kissing. so thanx u saved my love life. wb

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thanx 4 that i took ur advice and told her that i was happy with wateva she wanted to do? she was glad i responded like that as immediatley started too kiss me! CHEERS U SAVED MY LOVE LIFE