happy trip

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so i just got back today from this trip i went on for field hockey. this is the first time in a while that i can remember being truly happy. im just like high of the trip still. i dont know if many of you play team sports, but if you do you might know what i am talking about. i just had the kind of trip where the team was just like all connected the whole time. we had this one really intense game which we won. it was like every person was joined and we were all on the same level. it was such a high energy game and everyone was playing thier best. and then like off the field things were great. i was nervous about the trip at first because im just a freshman and they brought me up for this trip. i had played with varsity once before for a tournament, but it wasnt an overnight like this. but there was no problems at all. i guess im just writing this because i havent posted here in what seems like forever, and i wanted to come back on a good note. and i just am like so happy i wanted to get some of it out of my system. well ive been on a bus all day and smell like ass, so i think ill go shower it off. ill be back later with some new story news.