Have any of y'll done this or is it just me?

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Have you ever debated the hottnes of a same sex movies star with a same sex failmly member that is sraight?

my grandfather &
I once did A Jonny Depp vs Jude Law thing.


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If I had talked with my grand

If I had talked with my grandfather about anything remotely close to homosexuality, he would've killed me. My other grandpa is so spaced out and weird that he probably wouldn't care, but I'm not sure he'd participate in the discussion. It sounds like fun though.

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that sucks.I glad be granfath

that sucks.I glad be granfather is so liberal.In some ways.

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My brothers are too homophobi

My brothers are too homophobic too. Heck, most people I know are too homophobic to (not anyone here, y'all are cool.)

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Haha, I had a similar convers

Haha, I had a similar conversation with my best friend's father. It was rather amusing. I know he has suspicions that I'm gay, and considering that he's really cool, I actually feel more comfortable about him knowing then my parents

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My best friend J she and I talk about everything
know a day and that comes up sometimes.

Don't worry you're just as sane as I am

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Sometimes with my dad, because he is one horny bugger, so very much enjoys talking about hot girls. He does not appreciate the fact that Johnny Depp is damn fit though.
I've debated with various friends as well. One girl I talked about it to her to try to put her off and take the hint about my sexuality. She still came on to me. (yes, I know someone was interested in me - amazing isn't it? Shame it was a girl)

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