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I think that I might transgender.
Does anyone know of
Websites that I might find helpfull?
Is it possaible to be transgender without surgury or hommones?

I took the Cogiati test.It says that I am
androgynous.That really seems to fit me.


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Did they love you or what?

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thanks I'll be sure to use

thanks I'll be sure to use those.
anyone else have anyothers?

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which way?

Most non-specific trans site tend to focus on Male-T0-Female, but theres some Female-To-Male-specific sites around, too and I can dig them up if you're interested. -->these guys have a great mailing list. -->cogiati test, supposedly tests for transexuality, but only in the male-to-female direction. A large and interesting Q&A section about various trans-related things.

some of these more random than others, but when I was in the omg-i-need-info stage, I read everything I could find and then some.

Most of these are pretty general, or have things that are interesting to people going either way. Feel free to drop a line to my email if you need help finding anything. I check it pretty regularly.

Hope some of these links help.

And yes, you can be tg without surgery and hormones. A lot of people decide to find a way to live with their situation without medical intervention, especially FTMs. (FtM surgery is often unsatysfactory, especially considering the financial and physical cost.)

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Yes, I would like the MTF one

Yes, I would like the MTFones.

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gender tests aren't reliable. at all. I've read several articles about how the COGIATI relies on gender stereotipes (women can't park, etc). Don't take it's word for it. -->NOT what it sounds like. Its actually a transwoman activism site. -->or did someone already link you here? was it me? Can't quite remember. Geez, I'm a spaz =)

again: some links more random than others.

DEFINITELY: try to get your hands on a copy of true selves: understanding transexualism . Everyone I've ever talked to has rec-ed this book. I have it, and its very good. I knew a lot of what it had to say already (it took me a while to get it. by then I'd web-learned) but even if you're all google-ed out, I'd still recommend reading it.

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I'll use those.How ever I rea

I'll use those.How ever I really belive that I am androgynous.I defily decribe how I felt my whole life.

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