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I can't explain much of anything right know I
am crying to hard I'm going to just post a poem to
explain and explain more later.

I close my eyes as the tears come again I feel
so used because one night and you won't be a grown
up and call me back so I lay on the bed dull
holding a stuffed anamial looking all of ten and crying
See its useless to ask you to care cause
your cold you broke my heard and I can't get use
to this feeling of being used simple for someones
sexual pleasure
I let be used over and over again and yet in the end
I have no friend cause I won't let myself get close
to anyone I let everyone think they knew but they
So As I lay across the bed tonight stuffed anamila crying
cell phone on my chest I am looking at a bottle of
pills and wondering if I take them will they kill
me? Cause with all of this being used and abused
I just want to die.