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okay, folks, i need some help. i was just reading emmett's journal, and oh my god! i kept crying! i just for her. she'd kill me if she read this, which she probably will, but still. i want to hold her, and comfort her, and tell her that it's going to be all right, but i can't. 1) she won't let e, and 2) i don't know if it's true. i love her, but she doesn't love me back, i don't think.
what i do think is that she broke up with me (we're back together) because she didn't want to get attatched to me, 'cause ever one else she's trusted has hurt her. and she's not ready for the depth of my feelings. not a bad thing, but still. wolf put it really well, she says 'jump', and i ask, 'how high?' i am her slave, and i don't know what to do. i feel so...lost. i feel so...elated when we're together, but we're not really together any more. i just don't know what to do... i want her to love me back, like she did before, but i don't know how to ask, and i don't think she does. we have this sort of 'cool' relationship. we're not really cold to eachother, but neither is she all that...plesant to me. she seems to like it when we kiss, but she won't let me do it very much. oh goddess. what the hell do i do?

Bulldyke, thou art emma's slave