hide and seek isnt such a game anymore.

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Dad asks me on the way to band practice if i thought i was gay.
And i say i dont know.

And then i spend the night watching movies and getting a little too familiar with my friend/girlfriend, i dont even know, and i dont want to be in a relationship right now.
and i cant be in one with her...shes too good of a friend.
i dont want this to be...happening.
i dont want to be..like...agh.


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i think you might have had a good oppurtunity to come out to your dad, if that was what you needed to do.
altho, i understant the not doing it.... if my dad asked me i wouldn't come out to him.

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i think it was righ tof him t

i think it was righ tof him to ask that. if you rparent is willing to hear you answer that question that means he is prepared for the answer given. if you dad asks you that is means he cares, give him what he wants to know.