Homework Not Done

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Feelings- Sad, Hurt, Lonely, Bored, Tired, rushed

Why- Sad and hurt because I can't stop myself from
cutting. Lonely I feel alone and I can't reach out
to anyone. I can get on stage and pour my heart out
and no one is listening. Bored because don't have
a job and I don't have anything to do Tired because
I have been everywhere today and nowhere important
rushed because I have a bunch of homework and no time in
which to do it.

Anything but this- I feel asleep last night trying
to finish some math homework and never really got it done.
I am going crazy trying to finish this homework and
I still have french homework and no time in which
to do it. I read everything that has to be read
and looked over all the stuff I need to but I haven't touched
my french homework and yet I am trying to do good
in this class so I can go one and get a good grade
in this class. Sigh I still haven't stopped cutting
and I wish I could but for some strange reason I
feel like I am better when I cut even thought I
know I am not. Its just not doing so good with it.


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good luck

when everything is wrong, we move along...good luck with everything...if you ever need someone to listen to ya, it's my specialty