how do you identifie-lgbtqi?

23% (17 votes)
27% (20 votes)
27% (20 votes)
7% (5 votes)
12% (9 votes)
0% (0 votes)
4% (3 votes)
Total votes: 74


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could you guys comment? i get tired of not seeing what people have to say.

"What is the purpose of life, if not to be out?"

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Bisexual FTM. Even though, I tend to develop feelings for men more easily than for women, which I think is because I don't really connect with women the same way I can with other men, but I'm attracted to them. I think they're hot, but I don't get along with them, lmao.

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why would we need to comment

why would we need to comment our vote says it all but so you have 1 heres mine im gay and have a boyfriend there happy?

How can we accuratly describe our feelings in words?
We can't

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i am bisexual. end of story.

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i call myself a lesbian, caus

i call myself a lesbian, cause 95% of the time i'm attracted to girls. once in a blue moon, a guy'll catch my eye, but it passes quickly. honestly, i'm not even sure about the homosexual/bisexual/heterosexual labels. humans are sexual, period. the rest just seems to be a matter of preference and opprotunity.


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Well said

I myself am more or less the male equivalent thereof. A girl will occassionally arouse certain feelings in me, but on the whole I find myself gravitating towards guys, especially from the point of view of affection above sex.

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I've been stuggling on and off with labeling my sexuality, which is probably bi, but there are some days I feel gay, and some very rare days I feel straight, and so it really depends on who I happen to be attracted to at the moment, not so much on gender (not that I don't find their masculinity/femininity/intersexuality attractive in itself)...

What I was trying to say before I got off on a tangent was that you're right on. :)

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Cause i dont like the word lesbian.

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i could agree. i'm sorta bot

i could agree. i'm sorta both. queer and lesbian. queer 'cause i love the word, and lesbian, 'cause i love the herstory (ya know, sappho and all that good stuff).

"What is the purpose of life, if not to be out?" ~Me!

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Life is for fun.

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Bi the happy Bisexual


the happy Bisexual

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ftm trans. don't know what else to say.

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Why have those two together?

Queer, but definately not questioning.

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Same here...

Since I'm currently a lesbian with a boyfriend, I'm figuring I'm just generally queer. No longer questioning, though.

What kind of scale compares the weight of two beauties?

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bisexual lesbian

I guess technically I'm bi (I like guys and girls), but I'm really more of a lesbian. On the kinsey scale (0-6 = striaght-gay) I'd put myself at about a 5 (mostly lesbian, but still a little bi). So, I really don't know what I want to call myself. I'm going by bi for now, just because it is easier (and it leaves open the rare chance that I'll find a boy I like).
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Bi, leaning towards guys. I'm

Bi, leaning towards guys. I'm bi mainly because I still have physical attraction to girls and a bit emotional, but emotional and physical attraction to guys.

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i say bisexual but some people pull the whole 'bi now gay later' bullshit. i am attracted physically and emotionally to both. i do tend to lean more towards women. though i have begun referring to myself as simply sexual with a leaning towards my partner of choice.
~a fallen angel~

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Okay, I never understood this

Okay, I never understood this: what in the world is the significant difference between "queer" and "gay/lesbian/bisexual"? Isn't "queer" a blanket term for non-heterosexuality?

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I don't like the word Queer i

I don't like the word Queer i find it belittleing.Plus I'm Bi so i don't think it fits me.

the happy Bisexual

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I am a lesbian with bi tendancies. I think guys are cute but i would never be with one at all. I swore off guys in a way.

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straight thro and thro

i'm straight and proud of it...

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staight people rock

i think it's great that we have straight people visiting this site. two of my best friends are straight (though i think one of them is gay, he just won't come out to himself yet). thank you so much for adding diversity to oasis.

"What is the purpose of life, if not to be out?" ~Me!