How out are you?

not at all
7% (1 vote)
sort of, to a few people
7% (1 vote)
out to my friends, and people i trust a lot
29% (4 votes)
out to my parents (obviously, i trust them)
0% (0 votes)
totally out and proud
14% (2 votes)
some combination i didn't feel like writing down (comment, please)
43% (6 votes)
something else (COMMENT OR ELSE I WILL EAT YOU!!!!!!!)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 14


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Out to school, parents, famil

Out to school, parents, family, but not work.

And why are you threatening to eat us? (scared and taken aback)

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okay then. brave soul. and i don't know, if you don't post, i'll eat you. your safe from that fate now. i just like making random threats to people. kinda i like when i stare at people. just...sit...there...staring... they freak out. it's really funny.

"I can't even think straight!"
"Keep your laws off my body!"

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Why be totaly out in a worl

Why be totaly out in a world that hates us?

the happy Bisexual

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POST GODDAMN IT!!!!!!!! i wa

POST GODDAMN IT!!!!!!!! i want to hear from you all!!! and no, don't pardon my 'french'. i like it that way.

"I can't even think straight!"
"Keep your laws off my body!"

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[Almost] Totally Out

Out to friends, parents and most of school (they overheard it -.-), but not extended family and church friends (for obvious reasons).

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Friends, Parents, School

I am out to my whole school, all my friends, and my parents. I am firlmly closeted around my Grandma, and all my relatives. I don't know what I'll do if I end up living with a woman. It would be hard to hide that from them- (it's a long while off- but I think my extended family would either ignore my partner, or try to convert and "cure" me)
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i'm out to the school and my

i'm out to the school and my inner fam, but not directly out to the rest. some of my aunts heard through my lil cousin, but they don't know i know.