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Had the worst fucking experience today at school. In recess a guy in my class suddenly started laughing, and bursted out: "I would never shower if I knew one of the other guys are gay. I mean, if i bend over, they stick it in, ya know." The whole class started laughing hysterically. Then one of my friends joined in on the discussion: "Did you guys know that they break the law just to get in prison, where they rape other guys." I could barely breathe. Wanted to punch them so bad, didn't have the guts, though.

Don't think I can ever come out...

- Dim


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Those boys are obviously very

Those boys are obviously very, very ignorant. I'm really sorry you have to be around them.

Did they love you or what?

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And I thought the homophobic

And I thought the homophobic neanderthals at MY school were bad.

Actually, you may find that these dumbasses are actually the ones who want to ask the most questions of you once you come out (at least, that is MY experience).

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so sorry!

I am so sorry that your school is populated with such homophobic idiots! I'm a pretty nonviolent person myself, but if someone said that around me I would want to punch them too! I hope that someday you will find yourself in a more friendly and open environment where you can be yourself. Until that day, stay srong! Don't let ignorant biggoted people get you down.
-Duct Tape Fairy
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so were you at RECESS or in C

so were you at RECESS or in CLASS?
you said the entire CLASS started laughing.
sounds like you got your story mixed up.

it's good to be around shit like that, it thickens
your skin. pretty soon , you won't feel a thing
and it won't matter. if you let people push your buttons,
they will have power over you, make it not matter and
let it go. you can't control how people are but you
can control how you are and how to react.
most those guys are gay or at least curious of the subject.
people project a part of themselves onto people parts
they themselves conciously reject, be externalizing it
and projecting it outwards it no longer becomes a part of them,
thus justifying what ever mistreatment they are doing.
besides don't worry if it happens when you are 15, but worry
when it happens at work with co-workers when you are 35.

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Oh, Im sorry. It was recess,

Oh, Im sorry. It was recess, in the classroom. You see, when the weather is really bad, we're allowed to stay in the classroom during recess.

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What? He just came out of no

What? He just came out of no where and said that?

So he was sitting there at recess thinking about it? I bet one day we see that guy in the message boards. =)

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that sucks that they would sa

that sucks that they would say that.I guess no matter where humans are on the Earth the are pretty much alike.I feel bad that someone siad that to you.Here is a hug.

the happy Bisexual