Hurt me and myself

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Nite- Oldest to Newest
The night is set so when they find me
all they have to do is bury me I enter into
the house and put the kids my siblings to bed
Tell my parents good bye as they leave for their
trip and lock myself in my room.
Heaven didn't want me and neither did Hell I was
told by god (or someone) to go back and I'm missing
the ability to cope the ability to think the ability
to be I can't keep living like this
I've been on this earth 14 years and all I wanna
do is die I'm begging for you to please pull the
tigger cause your aiming a gun at my head saying
you wished I was dead and I'm telling you pull the
tigger make my world expolde in red and fade to black
make me feel better.

Left Wrote by me and Danny A new song
Am I the only one left without a tace of meant-to-be
or maybe just possibly while everyone has a pleasent
night sleeping tight No tears no fight taking
it for granted I'll sleep alone I'll wait it out
I've got no choice

Something will come around
Something will go my way
Something will change everything
something has passed me by today

What happens after perfect doesn't work and wasn't
good enough Everyone else is happy Don't feel sorry
for me I'm as strong as I wanna be I've tried
wanting someone else but it just doesn't work
Should I settle for less or deal with this mess that
she doesn't know she's making

Run while you can Ignore love before I get there
If you ever want a fairytale and something more than
true I can't be the one to give you that I can
only be real and be what I am