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So Governor Bill Richardson came to speak at my school today, about education and funding and whatnot.

Afterwards, my dear friend Emily and I decided to go and talk to him. We held hands, and walked up to him. He noticed the hand-holding immeadiately. Emily said, "Hi, we were wondering if we could ask you a question? It's not really related [to education etc]."


"What do you think about gay marriage?"

Heh heh heh... Yeah. So he said that he approves of civil unions, equal benefits, no hate crimes, etc, but not "marriage." I ask why, and he said because "marriage is between a man and a woman." I said that it's unfair to have a "separate but equal" policy on marriage and asked if it was because of religion. He said yes and I said that I'm not asking the church to recognize my marriage and that this is a government/civil rights issue. He said that we would "have to do more to convince him" (what the does that mean?).

But the very best part came last. He looked Emily and I up and down and said, "...Are you two planning on getting married?"

Emily and I are just friends, of course, but none the less I said, "YES."

Ha ha ha... Woo. Good times.



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that sounds so great. wish i could've been there to see it

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You go!

That's really cool. I am totally in support of that. Politicians need to get it from the horses mouth sometimes.

You have my support. Fred Phelps has my hatred.

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Haha. nice going. what state

Haha. nice going. what state is this?

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New Mexico

Did they love you or what?

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Ha ha ha!

That's awesome.

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You have my deepest respect f

You have my deepest respect for your actions, ESPECIALLY because you were civil and polite about it. I think that that shows a humongous amount of maturity, but also respect for the situation and the person, regardless of their beliefs. You proved that it is best to be as civil and respectful as possible, and, what do you know, he didn't go on a tirade or anything (I probably couldn't say the same for Rick Santorum). Very well done.

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Congratulations on having the

Congratulations on having the guts to confront a public official!

Doing more to convince him, I assume, means "That's cute but you're just kids so I won't value what you said too much." But then again, I wasn't there to hear him or what tone he used so I could be completely off.

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You are my favorite person ri

You are my favorite person right now, just thought I'd tell you that. Peace.

"If you think you know what I'm doing wrong well you're gonna have to get in line..." - Ani DiFranco

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That is completely awesome.

That is completely awesome. You both are great. I really respect you for being so polite about it too. He he. Awesome.

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That is so amazing that you h

That is so amazing that you had the courage to do something like that. I wish i could've been there to see the look on his face. Way to go girl! Stand up for your rights!

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awesome. You rock.

awesome. You rock.

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well done, that was great, yo

well done, that was great, youve left me grinning so much!

--how can you smile with all those tears in your eyes?--

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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You go girl!

That is so totally cool! What a great way to talk to a politician about an issue!
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